What is black garlic? What is the difference from ordinary garlic?

Black garlic making
black garlic making

After the black garlic undergoes a series of enzymatic and non-enzymatic browning reactions during the fermentation process, the white garlic eventually turns black. The black garlic was soft and sweet after the entrance, without the spicy and acrid smell of raw garlic. Compared with ordinary garlic, black garlic has many advantages and is gradually welcomed by people of all countries. How is black garlic made by a black garlic fermentation machine? And what is the difference between black garlic and ordinary garlic?

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is actually a kind of fermented garlic. Its main manufacturing process is a new type of garlic product made by washing, enzymatic, ripening and drying a series of high-quality raw garlic. Usually, we can use special small or large black garlic machines to make delicious black garlic.

Black garlic machines are in stock
Black Garlic Machines Are In Stock

The reason why garlic turns black after fermentation is because of the enzymes in garlic work. Enzymes are a kind of biocatalyst. By allowing garlic to complete the enzymatic reaction under appropriate reaction conditions (certain temperature and reasonable humidity). Some chemical substances contained in garlic have been changed, and some new nutrients have been added while ensuring that some of the original nutrients are not lost.

What are the differences between black garlic and ordinary garlic?

  1. The content of various nutrients in black garlic is higher than that of ordinary garlic, and the total energy is increased. Among them, sugar, protein, calcium, iron and other elements and vitamins are higher than ordinary garlic, and the moisture and fat content are lower than ordinary garlic.
  2. The superoxide dismutase activity, hydrogen peroxide scavenging ability, and total polyphenol content of black garlic are much higher than those of fresh garlic, which indicates that black garlic has stronger antioxidant capacity than garlic. Shuliy commercial black garlic maker for sale at a good price.
  3. In addition, after fermentation, the content of branched-chain amino acids (leucine and isoleucine) and phenylalanine in black garlic increased significantly, and sulfur-containing cysteine, tyrosine, aspartic acid, and glutamine Acid, arginine, basic amino acid content, and lysine were reduced. Therefore, black garlic also has a strong medicinal effect.
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