Commercial meat grinder was shipped to Cambodia

Meat grinder working site
meat grinder working site

The meat grinder also can be called the meat mincer and frozen meat grinding machine, which is used for grinding the fresh and boneless meat or the frozen meat into meat mashes. This meat processing equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel so that it is durable and can ensure the meat quality. The final meat mashes can be widely used in many food processing fields, such as for making bun stuffing, meatballs, and dumpling stuffing.

Commercial meat grinder
Commercial Meat Grinder

A Cambodian customer bought the meat grinder

With the popularity of the meat processing machines, more and more foreign customers came to our food machine factory and gave us orders for various meat processing equipment. Last week, one of our Cambodia customers ordered a meat grinder machine for his food making workshop. He has been running a small food store for many years and used to produce fried foods. In recent months, he made a survey about their local food market and finally decided to start the fried meatballs production.

His meat supplier mainly provides him the frozen and boneless meat, and he needs to purchase a meat processing machine to cut these frozen meats into small pieces. Therefore, he searched a lot of machine information online for finding an appropriate meat mincer machine. He felt very interested in our electric meat grinder on our food machine website and contacted us for the machine details.

Best meat mincer for sale

We provided him much detailed information about the meat mincer machine, including the machine manual brochure, working videos, technical parameters, and quotation. According to his production requirements, we recommended him a proper model with a yield of 500kg/h. This customer was satisfied with our suggestions and finally gave us the order for this frozen meat grinding machine. Our worker well packed this machine with films and good wooden box and shipped to Cambodia last week.

Meat mincer for shipping
Meat Mincer For Shipping
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