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Frozen meat cutting machine was shipped to Spanish

automatic meat cutter
automatic meat cutter

Our newly designed meat cutting machine now is in the hot sale on the international market. It is a multifunctional meat cutter machine for processing fresh meat and frozen meat so that it is widely used in various meat stores and restaurants. Recently, we shipped several frozen meat cutting machines to Spanish.

Main applications of the automatic meat cutter machine

This frozen meat cutting machine also named chicken cutting machine, that is because this machine can directly cut a whole clean chicken into even cubes. Besides, the frozen meat with the temperature over -18℃, the boneless fresh meat, the meat with small bones, fish, beef, and other kinds of meat can be processed by this automatic meat cutter.

chicken meat by cutting
chicken meat by cutting

Why did this Spanish customer choose our meat cutting machines?

The Spanish customer has its own meat processing plant, which mainly processes beef, chicken, and fish. He took the initiative to contact our sales staff after visiting our website. The customer wants to buy a frozen meat cutter to cut the frozen meat into cubes of 3*3cm and 4*4cm.

The Spanish customer told us that the temperature of the frozen meat in his factory is between – 5 ℃ and – 18 ℃. So our meat cutting equipment can meet his needs. Our sales manager recommended a suitable model for him, the output is about 200kg / h, the voltage is 380V, 50Hz, three-phase electricity.

The customer was very satisfied with the quotation and the quality of the machine and soon paid a 30% down payment. Later, due to the need for production, the customer also ordered an electric meat grinder from our factory to make all kinds of meat stuffing.

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