What do different vegetable washing machines do?

Daily vegetable washing and fruit washing
daily vegetable washing and fruit washing

There are many types of commercial vegetable washing machines in the world market. Because different vegetable washing machines have different application ranges. So what kind of vegetable washer is suitable for small and medium food processing plants? Taizy Machinery will introduce you to the comprehensive knowledge of automatic vegetable and fruit washing machine here.

Commercial cleaning equipment for vegetables and fruits can be selected based on the materials to be cleaned. For example, roller cleaning machines are commonly used to clean root vegetables; while large-scale cleaning of leafy vegetables and fruits, you can choose bubble cleaning machines.

Introduction of Root Vegetable Washing Machine

Most of the root vegetable cleaning machines are roller cleaning machines. Typical equipment is potato peeling cleaning machines. This electric vegetable washing machine can imitate the labor and brush vegetables with a brush. Its characteristics are clean, can peel, remove hair, large processing volume, water-saving, and high cleaning efficiency.

Bubble cleaning machine for vegetables
Bubble Cleaning Machine For Vegetables

When the small vegetable washing machine is working, we must first soak the vegetables, rough wash them, and then send them into a hopper surrounded by a rotatable brush roller. The brushes are driven by the motor to rotate to scrub the vegetables. Freshwater sprays and rinses vegetables in different directions and the cleaning effect is very good.

Bubble washing machine for leafy vegetables and fruits

At present, leaf vegetable cleaning machines generally adopt the principle of bubble tumble-brush-spray technology. Typical equipment is a Taizy Bubble Vegetable Washer. The high-efficiency washing machine uses a water vapor bath and a scraper to stir vegetables to clean vegetables. The washing ability is large, the degree of cleanliness is high, and the material to be cleaned is not damaged.

Its airflow generating device ejects a large number of bubbles in the cleaning solution and produces an ultrasonic-like cleaning effect. When the bubble bursts and rebounds, it generates huge instantaneous pressure, cavitation, high-speed microjets, and complicated disturbances such as water rolling and swirling caused by airflow.

Good washing effect of fruit and vegetables
Good Washing Effect Of Fruit And Vegetables

Therefore, it can effectively remove pollutants on the vegetable surface when it impacts vegetables. In addition, during cleaning and transportation, the sieve plate of the washing machine separates the dirt from the material to be cleaned, thereby achieving the best cleaning effect. All the cleaning work of the commercial fruit washing machine can be automatically completed and generally used in the production line of pure vegetable processing. After cleaning, the vegetables and fruits can be automatically conveyed to the next process.

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