1 T/H Green pepper washing line exported to Thailand

Green pepper washing plant
green pepper washing plant

The complete set of green pepper washing line mainly has the function of cleaning and air drying. Although green peppers are easy to clean, manual cleaning of large quantities of green peppers will be time-consuming and laborious. The continuous green pepper cleaning plant can realize automatic cleaning and air drying, and the processing efficiency is more than 5 times that of manual cleaning. The Taizy factory recently exported a green pepper washing line with a processing capacity of 1 ton per hour to Thailand.

Composition of bell pepper washing plant

There are usually many specifications of the green pepper cleaning line, which are mainly customized according to the specific needs of customers. Different customers have different factory areas, different production requirements, and different cleaning requirements. The green pepper cleaning solutions we provide are also different.

Usually, a complete green pepper cleaning line mainly includes an automatic elevator, bubble cleaning machine, hair roller cleaning machine, vibration water removal machine, air-flow drying machine, and so on. If necessary, we will also provide customers with automatic wrapping machines and packaging machines. In addition, the size and length of any equipment in the green pepper cleaning line can be customized according to customer needs.

Vegetable washing line factory
vegetable washing line factory

Why did this Thai customer buy green pepper washing line?

In fact, the Thai customer is an intermediary, mainly looking for suitable foreign suppliers to purchase equipment based on the needs of their domestic customers. Since the equipment is often imported from China, the customer has certain import experience and is well aware of the freight of the equipment and the cost of port customs clearance.

He clearly proposed to us the need to purchase a green pepper cleaning line with an output of 1000kg/h, and hopes that we will provide the corresponding quotation plan as soon as possible. Our sales manager quickly formulated two solutions for him to choose from.

After discussing with his end customer, the Thai customer said that the solution we provided was in line with his needs. But he said that our plan exceeds the budget of his end customers, and he hopes that we will adjust the plan for the green pepper cleaning line. Our sales manager removed the two auxiliary equipment in the processing line according to the customer’s needs, thus saving part of the cost. The Thailand customer was very satisfied with the revised green pepper cleaning plan and quickly paid the deposit.

Details of the Thailand order of green pepper washing line

Hoist conveyor

Conveying width: 500mm,
Equipment power: transmission 0.37KW,
With wheels and feet, 304 material

Bubble washing machine

Model: TZ5000
Conveying width: 800mm
Power: 6.8kw
Size: 5000*1200*1300mm

Material: 304 stainless steel Feature: water can be recycled, with no water waste.
No damage to vegetables and fruits. Application: Used to clean vegetables and fruits such as hawthorn, mango, lemon, orange, jujube, tomato, etc.

Secondary bubble washing machine

Model: TZ4000
Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 5.5kw
Capacity: 1000kg/h
Size: 4000*1200*1200mm

Introduction: The surface can be well cleaned to assist the upper layer of spray water. High-pressure wash, good cleaning effect.

Material: 304 stainless steel
The hair roller remover is a cleaning method using
high-pressure spray and brushing.

Vibration dewatering machine

Size: 2300*1400*1300mm
Equipment power: 0.3KW
Conveying width: 850mm

The whole machine is made of SUS304 material, and the vibrating motor drives the sieve plate to move back and forth, which can effectively remove large water droplets on the product and do the preliminary work for the air drying of the next process. The equipment has a water tank.

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