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Bell pepper washing line for sale
bell pepper washing line for sale

This small-scale bell pepper washing line is manufactured for washing all kinds of green peppers or red chili. The whole bell pepper plant includes the automatic hoist conveyor, bubble-type bell pepper washing machine, impurity removal machine, and air-drying machine. The capacity of this green bell pepper washing plant is between 100kg/h and 500kg/h. We can also customize the bell pepper washing machine’s capacities based on the customers’ processing requirements.

Why choose bell pepper washing machines?

Cleaning green peppers was originally a very easy task because green peppers are easy to clean. But washing green peppers in large quantities in food processing plants or vegetable distribution locations will be laborious work. Therefore, using commercial bell pepper washing machines to automatically clean green peppers, remove impurities, and air-dry will save time and manpower. And the cleaning effect of bell pepper is very good.

Bell peppers for washing
Bell Peppers For Washing

Vegetable wholesalers and food processing plants usually purchase a full set of bell pepper washing lines to handle large quantities of green peppers and chilies. The cleaned green peppers and chili peppers can be cut into small pieces with a bell pepper cutting machine or directly packaged and sold.

Main components of the bell pepper washing machines plant

Flowchart of bell pepper and red chili washing

Green pepper or chili delivering—continuous bubble washing—hair or impurities removing—air drying—packaging or cutting

Bell pepper washing machine for sale
Bell Pepper Washing Machine For Sale

Hoist conveyor

In order to continuously add raw materials to the bell pepper washing machine for washing, we need to use this automatic hoist conveyor. The height and inclination of the hoist can be adjusted, and its conveying speed can also be adjusted. This kind of elevator can add a large amount of green pepper to the washing machine at a uniform speed, which can reduce manual labor.

Hoist conveyor for green pepper washing plant
Hoist Conveyor For Green Pepper Washing Plant

Bubble type bell pepper washing machine

The electric bell pepper washing machine is the best equipment for washing various vegetables and fruits. The bubble-type vegetable washing machine is mainly composed of a tank and multiple sets of high-pressure spray heads. When cleaning green peppers, the tumbling air bubbles can quickly wash away the dirt and bugs on the surface of the green peppers.

Bubble type bell pepper washing machine
Bubble Type Bell Pepper Washing Machine

The cleaning time of the green pepper washing machine can be set and adjusted. The operation of the machine is very simple, the water for washing vegetables can be automatically filtered and recycled.

Impurities removing machine

This commercial impurity removing machine is mainly used for secondary cleaning of green peppers, and can thoroughly clean the hair attached to the surface of green peppers. The main structure of the machine includes a replaceable hair roller and spray device. The material of the hair roller is mainly food-grade PE plastic, and the hair roller can be customized as a hard or soft brush to clean different materials.

Impurities removing machine
Impurities Removing Machine

Air dryer machine for clean green peppers

This type of air dryer is composed of multiple sets of fans and conveyor belts, mainly for rapid air drying of cleaned bell peppers or chilies. The air blown by the air dryer is the natural wind at room temperature, which can blow off the water droplets on the surface of the green pepper, which is convenient for the subsequent steps to pack or slice the green pepper.

Air drying machine for bell peppers
Air Drying Machine For Bell Peppers

Bell pepper cutting machine

Usually, restaurants or food processing plants will further process the cleaned green peppers, such as slicing the green peppers. Our factory can provide you with a multi-functional vegetable cutter. This commercial bell pepper cutting machine can quickly cut green peppers into slices, strips or cubes. And the cutting size can be adjusted according to the needs of users.

Green pepper cutting machine
Green Pepper Cutting Machine

FAQ of the bell pepper washing and drying plant

Q: What is the hourly capacity of your green pepper cleaning machine?

A: The main functions of our complete bell pepper washing plant include washing, impurity removing, and air drying. The output ranges from 100kg/h to 500kg/h. We can provide you with a suitable bell pepper washing machine according to your needs.

Q: Our voltage here is not 220V, can your machine change the voltage?

A: Of course. Our equipment is for consumers all over the world, so we can customize the machine according to customer needs.

Q:How many workers do this bell pepper washing line need? Can other vegetables be washed?

A: About 3 workers are required. This washing plant can also be used for washing potatoes, tomatoes, dates, apples, etc.

Bell pepper washing drying plant
Bell Pepper Washing Drying Plant

Working video of green pepepr washing plant

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