India customer bought automatic chicken cutting machine with the yield of 450kg/h

Meat cutting machine packaging and shipping
meat cutting machine packaging and shipping

The chicken cutting machine can also be called the meat cutter machine, frozen meat cutting machine and so on, which is the efficient meat processing equipment in food making fields. This meat cutter is especially useful for processing meat pieces for KFC, McDonald’s and other fast food shops and restaurants.

Automatic meat cutter machine
Automatic Meat Cutter Machine

Automatic meat cutter machine was sold to many foreign countries

With excellent quality, the Taizy meat cutting machine has been exported to many countries for assisting our customers’ meat processing business. Until now, our electric meat cutter has been shipped to India, America, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Pakistan, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and so on. It may be due to geographical advantages so that this chicken cutting machine has gotten many orders from many Southeast Asian countries.

Machine testing for meat cutting
Machine Testing For Meat Cutting

Recently, another India customer ordered this meat cutting machine for his restaurant. This customer was running a medium-size restaurant for making all kinds of local food and Chinese meal. And he planed to buy machines for cutting the boneless meat which he bought from his local butcher shops. He contacted us for buying a meat cutter with a working capacity of 450kg/h. When learning that we are the food machine manufacturer and supplier for 10 years, he gave us another order for the stuffing mixer machine.

Chicken cutting effect of the meat cutter
Chicken Cutting Effect Of The Meat Cutter

When this India customer received this machine, we even sent him the detailed manuals for helping him operate this machine correctly, and he felt very appreciated for our considerate after-sale service. Until now, this customer has received this chicken cutting machine and has used it for about one month. And when we asked about the working effect of his machine, he said this meat cutter was as efficient as he could image.

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