How to use and maintain the green pepper cutting machine?

green pepper cutting machine
green pepper cutting machine

The green pepper cutting machine is a multi-purpose vegetable and fruit cutting equipment, which can cut various root vegetables and leafy vegetables into slices, strips, cubes, curves, and diamonds. This industrial bell pepper cutting machine is easy to operate and easy to use, and is very suitable for use in food processing plants and restaurants. So, how do we use and maintain the green pepper cutting machine correctly?

How to install the green pepper cutter machine?

1. Place the green pepper cutting machine on a horizontal work site to ensure that the machine is placed stably.
2. Check all parts before using the machine. Check if the fasteners are loose during transportation. Whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation and take appropriate adjustment measures in time.
3. Check whether there are foreign objects in the rotating barrel of the green pepper cutter or on the conveyor belt. If there are foreign objects, they must be cleaned up to avoid damage to the cutter.

green pepper cutting machine for sale
green pepper cutting machine for sale

Correct usage of the green pepper cutting machine

1. Before using the green pepper cutter machine, make a trial cut, and observe whether the specifications of the cut green pepper are consistent with the required specifications. Otherwise, the slice thickness or cutting length should be adjusted, and normal work should be carried out after meeting the requirements.
2. Install the vertical knife. Put the vertical knife on the fixed knife board, the cutting edge is in parallel contact with the lower end of the fixed knife board, the fixed knife board is pin on the knife holder, tighten the cutter nut, and remove the fixed knife board.
3 Adjust the length of cut vegetables. Observe whether the length value displayed on the control panel matches the required length. Press the increase button when increasing the cutting length, and press the decrease button when reducing the cutting length.

bell pepper cutting
bell pepper cutting

Maintenance of the bell pepper cutting machine

Note: All maintenance work must be performed with the power supply cut off.
1. After using the green pepper cutter, clean the machine carefully. Do not use sharp objects to touch the conveyor belt and the vegetable pressing belt, nor use the water spray pipe to spray.
2. If the conveyor belt and the vegetable pressing belt of the machine are found to be loose, adjust the tension bolt, or adjust the spring pressure to the appropriate position in time. Ensure that the tension or pressure at both ends of the conveyor belt should be basically equal, otherwise the conveyor belt or the vegetable pressing belt will easily runoff.
3. Regularly check the tightness and wear of the V-belt, and adjust and replace it in time. When the V-belt is loose, the tension bolts should be loosened for adjustment.
4. Fill the gear and sprocket of the bell pepper cutting machine regularly with oil once. Choose 20# oil, and the amount of each filling should be ten drops. The grease in the bearing should be added and replaced appropriately according to the usage.


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