Commercial Hard Ice Cream Machine

Hard ice cream machine
hard ice cream machine

The hard ice cream machine is the commercial ice cream processing equipment, which can make all kinds of hard ice creams with different flavors. This vertical hard ice cream maker can turn the ice cream pulp into hard ice creams with a temperature of -3℃, and the final hard ice cream should be kept in the quick-frozen freezer with the temperature of -15℃ to -25℃. This hard ice cream machine is the newest type with intelligent control, and it is good kitchen equipment for processing delicious ice creams. Commercial hard ice cream machine has the characteristics of low operating noise, simple operation and high production efficiency.

Small type of hard ice cream machine
a small type of hard ice cream machine

What is hard ice cream?

Hard ice cream, also called gelato, handmade ice cream, or fruit ice cream. Hard ice cream originated in Italy, and it is called Gelato in Italian. This kind of hard ice cream is made by mixing milk, sugar, cream or fruit pulp by quick stirring and freezing. Since hard ice cream contains very little cream, most of them can be made with fresh fruits, and they are very popular in the market in recent years. The puffing rate of hard ice cream is about 20%, and after quick freezing, its taste is relatively firm.

What is the main difference between soft ice cream and hard ice cream?

Hard ice cream specifically refers to pre-packaged ice cream products, mainly processed at the factory. Its hardening molding expansion rate is about 80%, which is convenient for packaging and transportation. It can be seen from the shape that it is hard and the internal ice particles are thick. Soft ice cream is based on the full mixing of ice cream powder and other mixtures without a hardening process. Soft ice cream is a mixture of ice cream products with an expansion ratio of about 60%. Soft ice cream is usually more slippery, has a short shelf life and requires high hygienic conditions.

Delicious hard ice cream
delicious hard ice cream

The main differences of hard ice cream and soft ice cream are as follows:

  1. Raw materials: Soft ice cream is made from soft ice cream powder or ice cream slurry; hard ice cream is made from hard ice cream powder, and their raw materials cannot be mixed because of different ingredients.
  2. Puffing rate: The soft ice cream has no hardening process in the production process, and the expansion rate is 30%-60%. Generally, it can be sold by the ice cream machine. The hard ice cream has an expansion ratio of 80% to 100%, and the hardening molding is for packaging and transportation.
  3. Nutritional ingredients: Usually, soft ice cream contains more (about 1.6 times) more nutrients than the same size of hard ice cream; the softened ice cream without hardening will also be more slippery and mellow.
  4. Freezing temperature: The center temperature of the soft ice cream is -5℃, and the center temperature of the hard ice cream is -15℃.

Brief introduction of the hard ice cream making machine

The hard ice cream machine is an automated mechatronic device designed to make various hard ice creams. The structure of the hard ice cream machine includes a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator (collectively referred to as a refrigeration system), a stirring motor, a speed reducer, a material cylinder, a circuit board, and an overall frame and outer casing.

Commercial hard ice cream maker
commercial hard ice cream maker

This hard ice cream maker is made of all stainless steel and has a beautiful appearance. The structure of the machine is reasonable, controlled by a microcomputer, simple in operation, large in capacity, and high in production efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of ice cream franchise stores, cold drink shops, shopping malls, restaurants, and snack shops. And it is currently the best-selling ice cream making equipment.

Steps for mixing the ice cream pulp

  • Preparation of raw materials: ice cream powder, ice cream milk slurry, purified water, jam or biscuit residue can also be used.
  • Measure an appropriate amount of pure water with a measuring cup and pour it into a stainless steel bucket. Pour the ice cream powder slowly into a bucket filled with pure water, and stir while pouring.
  • Stir vigorously until the ice cream powder and water dissolve into a viscous liquid. The stirring time is about 5 minutes. If an electric stirrer is used, the stirring effect will be better.
  • Then put a lid on the stainless steel barrel and let it stay in a static state for about 15 to 20 minutes. After standing still, pour the liquid into the hard ice cream maker.

How to make hard ice creams by hard ice cream machine?

The raw materials for making hard ice creams are mainly water, hard ice cream powder, and other kinds of fillings like eggs, fruit jam, and chocolate jam. The first step is to mix the ice cream powder and water evenly. Until the ice cream powder and water dissolve into a viscous liquid and the stirring time is about 5 minutes.

Hard ice cream processing
hard ice cream processing

Then add the pulp into the electric hard ice cream machine container and push the freezing button. The setting of hard ice cream processing time is about 25-30 minutes. Different kinds of ice cream slurry have different processing times.

When the buzzer sounds, it indicates that the hard ice cream is finished. And the final hard ice creams will fall down through the discharging outlet. We should use a container to collect the hard ice creams. If you want special flavors, you can choose different hard ice cream recipes.

How to buy the right hard ice cream machine? Hard ice cream machine price

  1. If the customer is a small-scale Italian ice cream shop, western restaurant, coffee shop, baking dessert shop, you can buy a single hard ice cream machine. If the processing volume is slightly larger, you can buy a large-volume hard ice cream machine, which can produce delicious gelato with a high cost performance.
  2. If the customer plans to make standard gelato, it must achieve the taste and texture that Italy tastes, such as medium and large gelato shops, western restaurants, coffee shops, bakery dessert shops, hotels, etc. Customers need to purchase a complete set of hard ice cream processing machines.
  3. When customers buy a hard ice cream machine, they should not only care about the price of the hard ice cream machine, but also the performance and operability of the equipment. Only by purchasing a high-quality ice cream machine, can you avoid all kinds of troubles in the production process, and the service life is longer.
Hard ice cream shop
hard ice cream shop

Tips for making hard ice cream

The ratio of ice cream powder and purified water is 1:2.5 or 1:3. This ratio is the best ratio, do not expand the range of the ratio, otherwise, it will seriously affect the quality of the ice cream produced. Before stirring the ice cream powder and water, you can add a certain amount of milk slurry (about 1 kg), which can make the taste of the ice cream purer.

After the hard ice cream is made, it must be placed in the quick-freezer at -35℃ as soon as possible to ensure the stable structure of the ice cream, the unique color and fragrance, and the unique surface shape. The quick-freezing time is determined by the amount and area of ​​the ice cream. Generally, the surface hardening can be achieved between 3-10 minutes.

After quick-frozen ice cream must be placed in a display cabinet at -15 to -18°C for display and sale as soon as possible. Keep the inherent shape of the hard ice cream through the refrigeration of the showcase to ensure that it does not melt and is hygienic. In addition, showing the unique beauty of ice cream to customers through the display cabinet will attract more consumers’ attention.

Various hard ice cream tastes
various hard ice cream tastes

Main features of the commercial hard ice cream machine

  1. All the parts of the hard ice cream maker are made of high-quality stainless steel so that it is very durable and corrosion-resistant, and it is easy to clean and maintain.
  2. The automatic electric controlling system has high-degree intelligence so that the whole ice cream production process is safe and reliable.
  3. The final hard ice cream should be kept in the quick freezer machine for about 2 hours and then it can be further processed with different shapes and decorations before eating.
Hard ice cream applications
hard ice cream applications

Technical parameters of the hard ice cream processing equipment

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