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Popcorn maker
popcorn maker

This commercial popcorn machine also named the electric popper which is the special food processing equipment for making delicious popcorns. The popcorns maker with good price is very popular on the market because it can produce popcorns in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor, mustard flavor and so on. Besides, this new popcorn making machine can also make popcorns with beautiful colors so that it can be more attractive and popular.

Popcorn is a puffed food commonly found in cinemas, snack shops, supermarkets, big theaters, etc. It tastes crispy and delicious and is very popular with most people. Especially the multi-flavored popcorn meets the different needs of different people, so that all the people from children to the elderly one are like to eat fresh popcorns.


Brief description of the commercial popcorns machine

The automatic popcorn maker is a piece of kitchen equipment specially developed by Taizy food machinery to fry spherical cornflowers. The machine has the advantages of energy-saving, small footprint, clean and hygienic, high ball shooting rate, no noise, simple operation and so on. This popcorn processing equipment has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various leisure food stores, bakeries, restaurants, bars, entertainment places, and is also suitable for investment, with less investment and quick effect.

How to make popcorn
How To Make Popcorn

Popcorn maker structure and working process

This industrial popcorn processing machine has a very compact structure, which includes the heating system, mixing and baking barrel, electric controller, the cooling tank and so on. The heating method can two kinds: electromagnetic heating and liquefied gas heating. The mixing and baking barrel can be flexibly reversed. When the popcorn is made, pull down the baffle and the mixing drum will automatically flip and pour the popcorn into the cooling tank. The cooling tank has a layer of the deoiling screen so that the final popcorn can be removed excess oil and be cooled quickly. The countertop and scoop for processing popcorns are all made of stainless steel.

When using the commercial popcorn machines, we should add the oil in the mixing barrel and open the heating system for 3-5 minutes. When the temperature reaches the proper degree, we can add the cleaned corn kernels and sugar(or salt) into the mixing and frying barrel. The inner stirring shaft of the barrel will mix all the materials well. After about 5 minutes and seeing the color changed, the popcorn will be finished and can be poured into the cooling tank. When the popcorns are cooled, we can pack them into bags or cups for selling.

Classifications of popcorn makers

Manual spherical type popcorns machine


Technical parameters

Model Dimension (cm) Heating method Output(kg/h)
TZ-PM01 135*52*102 liquefied gas 1-1.5
TZ-PM03 150*64*110 liquefied gas 1.5-2

Automatic spherical type popcorn maker

Automatic spherical type popcorn maker
Automatic Spherical Type Popcorn Maker

Technical parameters

Model Dimension (cm) Heating method Output(kg/h)
TZ-PM02 135*52*102 liquefied gas 1-1.5
TZ-PM04 150*64*110 liquefied gas 1.5-2

Commercial popcorn machine cleaning and maintenance

Popcorn making
Popcorn Making
  1. After the popcorn is out of the pan, pour the appropriate amount of water into the pot, open the stirring button and wash for a few seconds, then pour out the water.
  2. Turn off the stirring switch and clean the inner pot with a non-corrosive semi-dry wipe. Be careful not to brush the inner pot with metal hard objects to avoid wear and affect the machine.
  3. When the machine is not in use, immediately turn off the power and unplug the power supply (if the liquefied gas is heated, the gas valve should be closed). Then clean the parts of the fuselage with a non-corrosive semi-dry wipe to keep the whole machine clean.
  4. The popcorn machine should be stored in a cool, ventilated place when it is not used.

Main features of the popcorn machine for sale  

  1. The popcorn contains protein, little fat, cellulose necessary for the human body can promote children’s brain development, strengthen anti-cancer function, prevention and cure stomach trouble, reduce weight, is also very beneficial in patients with diabetes, are children and elderly ideal health food.
  2. The popcorn maker machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and full-automatic stirring, which can provide stable stirring speed, which makes the popcorn quality stable and taste better. Besides, this machine can be designed with wheels or set on the special carts for easy moving. And the popper stands are very common today.
  3. The popcorn making machine adopts a hydraulic system, and the feeding and discharging are quick and convenient, the pot body can be inclined at 90 degrees, the discharging material has no dead angle, and the washing is easy. Taizy-brand popcorn machines have been shipped to many northern American countries with good quality and best prices.
  4. The electric popcorn machines adopt two heating modes of gas heating and electromagnetic heating. And we can make different shapes of popcorn(mainly spherical popcorn and flower popcorn)with different flavors. This hot-sale popcorn maker is superior to other kinds of poppers in the current market so that it is very popular among our customers at home and abroad.

Popcorn making machine working video

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