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Good maintenance methods of the tofu making machine

soymilk and tofu making
soymilk and tofu making

The efficient tofu and soymilk machine is the new-designed tofu processing machine, which has been sold to many countries in recent years. The machine uses a microcomputer control system and can be operated by 1-2 people only. It uses advanced grinding technology to ensure that the protein of the soybean is not damaged, and the tofu and soy milk produced are more nutritious. When using the commercial tofu making machine, we should master the correct operating methods and maintaining methods.

tofu making process
tofu making process

Precautions for use about the tofu maker

  1. In the process of using the tofu machine, the most important part is to pre-cook the gauze wrapped with tofu with alkaline water for about 1 hour. Otherwise, there will be difficult for peeling off when the tofu is formed.
  2. When installing the tofu and soymilk processing machine, first install the leakage protector on the main power supply of the small tofu machine. Because there is a lot of water in the workshop where tofu is produced, if there is leakage, the possibility of electric shock is quite large. At the same time as installing the unit, a ground wire should be installed on each unit, which can provide safety protection.
    integrated soymilk and tofu making machine
    integrated soymilk and tofu making machine
  3. In the production process, if the motor has noise, strange sound, overheating, burnt smell, smoke, etc., immediately turn off the power and stop the machine to ensure safe production.
  4. When installing the tofu machine host, the ground should be level. In addition, the front and rear of the fuselage must be kept horizontal, otherwise, it will affect the quality of the finished tofu.
  5. Place the tofu unit and place the motor rotating device against the wall to avoid accidentally inserting the hand into the wheel. Children are not allowed to enter the worksite.
tofu maker
tofu maker

Tofu making machine maintenance method

  1. Turn off the power before stopping, which can ensure the safety of the equipment.
  2. The electric tofu maker machine needs to be kept clean during use.
  3. When the equipment is used normally, the water in the boiler should be drained and water should be poured in 3-5 days to maintain the water quality in the boiler.
  4. When the power supply voltage is lower than 15% of the rated voltage, the use of the machine may cause damage to the accessories. When the tofu making machine is used in winter, the water in the boiler should be drained in time to avoid freezing the boiler.
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