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Taizy injera making machine for sale
Taizy injera making machine for sale

The Ethiopian injera making machine is a semi-automatic type of injera sheets(namely sour flatbread) making machine, which is designed for making local Ethiopian flatbread on a large scale. This commercial injera maker machine can do automatic paste mixing, injection, baking, and discharging, which can help to save much labor work and save much working time. With good prices and high efficiency, this injera machine is not only popular among many African countries, but also in great demand in Canada and the USA countries now.

What is Ethiopian injera?

The Ethiopian injera, also called Ethiopian sourdough, is a kind of pasta with a sponge-like texture on one side and is mainly used to accompany other dishes. This Ethiopian injera is traditionally made out of teff flour in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. In Taizy food machinery, we also have many other pasta machines.

Ethiopian injera(flatbread) made by injera maker
Ethiopian Injera(Flatbread) Made By Injera Maker

Many farmers in East African countries plant teff. The teff seeds can be ground into powder and processed into flatbread for local daily consumption. Teff seeds often have different colors, so the color of processed Ethiopia injera is also different. And the common one is white, red, brown, or other mixed colors.

How to make traditional injera in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia and Eritrea, almost every family eats injera every day, so this sour flatbread is the local staple food. So, how does injera do it? Usually, teff flour is mixed with water, and then ersho is added for fermentation. After two or three days of fermentation, it will produce a slightly sour taste. This dough is then baked and processed into large, flat pancakes. The baked injera is usually eaten as the wrappers that roll other dishes.

Why choose the Ethiopian Injera Making Machine for injera production?

The injera seems to be a very simple food, but its method is very complicated. In daily life in Ethiopia. It is usually the women in the family who make these foods, which is time-consuming. Although there are also prepared injera available in local restaurants and grocery stores, they are usually not many because the processing process is cumbersome.

Ethiopia injera maker machine details
Ethiopia Injera Maker Machine Details

The injera maker machine developed by our factory is also invented based on the needs of many Ethiopian customers. It can automatically mix the batter, and realize automatically baking, cooling, collecting, and sorting the injera sheets.

Main structure of the Ethiopia injera maker machine

The Ethiopian injera maker machine manufactured by our factory is the special equipment for processing various pasta wrappers, such as spring roll sheets, lumpia wrappers, etc. The main structure of the injera machine includes a batter mixing barrel, a batter injection device, a baking drum, a cooling fan, a mesh belt conveyor, an automatic sorting device, etc.

Structure of the injera maker machine
Structure Of The Injera Maker Machine

How does the automatic injera maker machine work?

When using the injera-making machine, put the fermented batter into the batter mixing tank of the Ethiopian injera making machine in advance. The automatic grouting device will inject the dough in the barrel onto the baking tray of the Ethiopian injera making machine.

Round injera production
Round Injera Production

Due to the high temperature, the batter on the baking tray will gradually be heated until it is cooked, and then blown off by the cooling fan on the mesh belt conveyor. The mesh belt conveyor will further transport the baked injera sheets to the automatic sorting device for collection.

Main features of the Ethiopian injera making machine

1. The main structure of this Ethiopian injera maker machine is made of stainless steel, which is very strong and durable, not easy to be corroded, low failure rate, and long service life. Besides, the injera making machine price is also very affordable, therefore, many restaurant owners and food processing factories have ordered this injera processing machine from our factory.

2. The diameter and shape of the baking pan of the Ethiopian injera making machine can be customized, so customers can freely choose the size and thickness of the injera. We can also customize suitable machines and provide corresponding injera production solutions.

3. The automatic Ethiopian injera machine has now been exported to many East African countries, and customer feedback is very good. Many Ethiopian customers even bought the equipment, mass-produced injera for sale, and obtained huge profits.

Daily injera dishes in ethiopia
Daily Injera Dishes In Ethiopia


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