How to choose a good UV sterilizer machine?

UV food sterilizer for sale
UV food sterilizer for sale

Industrial UV sterilizers are used more and more widely in more and more fields. So far, UV disinfection methods have become more and more popular, and various types of UV sterilization machines on the market are very popular. Then, how is the UV food sterilizer price? And how to choose a good UV sterilization equipment?

Knowledge about the ultraviolet sterilization

  1. What is ultraviolet radiation?

Ultraviolet radiation (UV for short) is light radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light. Among them, ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 100 to 400 nanometers (nm) are generally divided into three categories:

Items Features
UV-A (wavelength 315 ~ 400 nm)
UV-B (wavelength 280 ~ 315 nm)
UV-C (wavelength 100 ~ 280 nm)

In natural sunlight, UV-A accounts for about 98.1%, UV-B accounts for 1.1%, and UV-C is almost absent due to absorption by the ozone layer.

UV sterilizer inner structure
UV sterilizer inner structure
  1. Main features of different UV

UV-A has strong penetrating power and can pass through the ozone layer and clouds to reach the surface of the earth. It exists in all seasons, regardless of overcast and sunny, stimulating the skin to produce free radicals, degrading collagen and elastin in the skin and causing Melanin deposits in the skin, which can lead to sagging and darkening skin over time.

UV-B has medium penetrating power and is particularly strong in summer and afternoon, causing the skin to become red and sunburned in a short period of time. Reasonable irradiation can promote mineral metabolism and vitamin D formation in the body, and promote bone development, but long-term or excessive irradiation can cause skin redness, swelling, and peeling. Most sunscreens on the market are designed to protect against UV-B rays.

UV-C has the weakest penetrating power. UV-C in sunlight is absorbed by the ozone layer before reaching the ground.

food sterilizer manufacturer
food sterilizer manufacturer

Tips for choosing a good sterilization machine for food?

  1. Choose UV sterilization products according to your own needs

For example, if you have elderly children or pets in your home, you can often use ultraviolet germicidal lamps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses; poor outdoor air quality leads to poor indoor ventilation conditions, and you can often use ultraviolet germicidal lamps to remove mites and create healthy Living environment; UV-overflow water purifiers are commonly used in domestic aquariums.

  1. Consider the manufacturers and purchasing channels of UV sterilizers

Consider commercial UV sterilizer manufacturers from product quality, price, service, corporate qualifications, and reputation, and choose reliable manufacturers and purchasing channels.

  1. Concerned about the product quality certificate of the UV sterilizer

Customers should check whether the UV food sterilizer machines have clear and complete nameplates, instruction manuals, certifications, and test reports issued by qualified third-party testing agencies.