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Food Sterilizer | Packaged Food Sterilization Machine

food sterilizer
food sterilizer

The Food Sterilizer also can be called autoclave sterilizer, retort sterilizer and Food Sterilization Machine, which is the common sterilization equipment for all kinds of canned food and packaged food. This automatic food sterilizing machine is widely used in many food processing industries for good sterilization. According to different sterilization methods, this food sterilizer mainly can be divided into three types: single-pot sterilization machine, double-pots sterilizer, and three-pots food sterilizer.

canned food sterilizer applications
Canned food sterilizer applications

Why use canned food sterilizer?

In the food making industries, food safety and food hygiene are of paramount importance. Therefore, for ensuring to make healthy food, nearly all the food processing enterprises will do strict food sterilization before their products entering the market. The food sterilization process is mainly to kill up to 95% of bacteria and various microorganisms of the food products.

How does food sterilizing machine work?

The working principle of this food sterilization equipment is to use hot water or steam heated to the sterilization temperature to sterilize various materials according to the specified time length of sterilization. All sterilization systems have some of the same characteristics: required pressure, temperature transfer, and create a sterilizing environment in a closed environment.

vacuum packed food for sterilization
Vacuum-packed food for sterilization

The sterilizing medium (also called heating medium) is an indispensable tool for transferring heat to the product. Pure steam, hot water (water bath, water spray) and steam/air mixture can be used as a sterilization medium.

Main classifications of the food sterilization machine

According to different materials for sterilizing, the food sterilizer can be divided into the single-tank sterilizer, the vertical two-tank sterilizer, and the horizontal three-tank sterilization machine. And the packaged food sterilization methods can be divided into the water immersion sterilization, the water spray sterilization, and the steam sterilization.

1. Single-tank food sterilizer

This kind of sterilizing retort also can be called the steam sterilizer, which should match a steam generator when using. This autoclave packed food sterilization equipment mainly can be used for sterilizing the soft packed products and the vacuum-packed products, such as bagged milk, bagged drinks and so on.

stream type food sterilizer machine
Stream type food sterilizer machine

2. Vertical two-tank food sterilizing equipment

According to different sterilizing methods, this two-tank food sterilizer can be designed with two forms. If it adopts the water immersion sterilizing(also named water bath sterilization), this vertical food sterilizer will be designed with two tanks in the two-layer structure. And the two tanks are the same in the size. The upper tank mainly provides hot water for the lower tank sterilization.

food sterilizing machine with two tanks
Food sterilizing machine with two tanks

When this food sterilization uses the water spray sterilizing, this two-tank food sterilizing machine will be a little different from the former one because its upper tank will be smaller than its lower tank for the spray sterilizing is more water-saving than the water immersion sterilization. This type of food sterilizing retort is very suitable for sterilizing of all kinds of soft packaged, bottled or plastic packaged products and a variety of canned foods. And its inner spray methods can also be different, such as side spray, top spray, and all-directions spray.

water-spray food sterilizing machine
Water-spray food sterilizing machine

3. Horizontal three-tank food sterilization machine

The three-tank food sterilizer machine has a larger working capacity compared with the former two types of sterilization machines. When the horizontal type of canned food sterilizers work, the upper tank can continuously provide hot water for the lower two sterilization tanks and it can recycle the water to continue sterilizing.

sterilization equipment with large yield
Sterilization equipment with large yield

Main supporting devices of the canned food sterilizers

  1. Boiler machine
  2. Steam generator
  3. Safety steam release valve
  4. Movable cart and trays
  5. Temperature sensor and level gauge

The sterilization process of the food sterilizing equipment

Before the sterilization, we should put the foods into the trays and lay them layer by layer on the movable carts, then push the carts into the sterilization chamber of the food sterilizer. Next, add water into the water tank and heat the water for about half an hour to reach the sterilizing temperature of 120℃ around. Then open the hot water injection valve for adding the hot water into the sterilization pot and keep about half an hour’s sterilization with the temperature of about 121℃.

When sterilizing different materials, their sterilizing temperature and time are also different, therefore, we should set different processing temperatures and time on the electric controlling cabinet for different foods. After sterilization, we should add cool water into the sterilization tank for quick cooling. The whole food sterilization process for each operation is about 70 minutes.

Main features of the food sterilizer machine

  1. The whole sterilization process can avoid product contact with air, there is no cold air mass in the sterilization kettle. An optimized circulating water system ensures even heat distribution in sterilizing pot.
  2. The food sterilization machine has the function of being indirectly heated and cooling of the foods, effectively preventing secondary contamination of food. And the sterilized water can be recycled for saving energy.
  3. PLC computer touch screen setting of this sterilizing equipment can effectively control the sterilization process of temperature, pressure, water level and so on. When there is an abnormal, the alarm device will give a sound.
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