UV Food Sterilizer Machine | Ultraviolet Sterilization Machine

Uv sterilizer machine
UV sterilizer machine

This UV Food Sterilizer machine(Ultraviolet Sterilization Machine) is mainly used for sterilizing various foods and packaging products which can be widely used in hospitals, food processing industries, tea and beverage processing, and packaging plants. The UV food sterilizer machine can sterilize all kinds of foods according to the ultraviolet irradiation sterilization method, and can effectively kill various microorganisms (such as Escherichia coli and mycete) and bacteria therein, and can greatly reduce the bacteria in the food, thereby serving as food sterilization.

Commercial uv food sterilizer applications
Commercial Uv Food Sterilizer Applications

What is UV food sterilizer machine?

This high-efficiency food sterilization equipment uses high-frequency C-band ultraviolet rays to destroy DNA of various microorganisms in foods in 20 seconds to 1 minute and can kill 99% of bacteria and viruses, including influenza, hepatitis virus, salmonella, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis var, spores, and various mildew sources, allergens, etc. The ultraviolet food sterilizer machine is particularly suitable for the rapid sterilization of foods, medicines, cosmetics, tableware, personal and public goods, and other articles.

Food sterilizer machine manufacturer
Food Sterilizer Machine Manufacturer

The main structure of the food sterilization machine

The main structure of the UV food sterilizer machine includes a main body portion and an electronic control portion. The main body part of this sterilization machine is mainly composed of a sterilizing device(full of sterilization lights), a protection device, a body bracket, a conveyor belt, and an exhaust fan.

The inside and outside of the ultraviolet food sterilizing machine are made of 201 stainless steel. The inside and outside of the main body are polished to enhance the ultraviolet irradiance, ensuring that the disinfectant does not have incomplete sterilization during the sterilization process.

The protection device in this food sterilizer is a special design for safe operation, which mainly includes the three functions:

1. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection. 2. Fault alert prompt. 3. Equipment overload protection.

Working principle of the ultraviolet sterilizer machine

When the ultraviolet rays inside the food sterilizer are irradiated to microorganisms and bacteria, the transfer and accumulation of energy will occur. And the accumulation results in the inactivation of microorganisms or bacteria, thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection.

Time table for killing different bacteria
Time Table For Killing Different Bacteria

When bacteria and viruses absorb ultraviolet rays in the dose of more than 3600~65000uW/cm2, they have strong destructive power to bacteria, viruses, DNA and RNA, which can make bacteria and viruses lose their viability and reproduction. On the one hand, ultraviolet light can mutate nucleic acids, hinder their replication, transcriptional blockade, and protein synthesis; on the other hand, the generation of free radicals can cause photoionization, leading to bacterial cell death.

Customer use of the food sterilization machine
Customer Use Of The Food Sterilization Machine

What should be noticed when using UV food sterilizer machine?

  1. Do not turn on the UV sterilizer frequently, especially in a short period of time. This ensures the lifespan of the UV lamp.
  2. To clean UV food sterilizers regularly: you should clean the UV lamp and quartz glass casing regularly. When cleaning, wipe the lamp tube with alcohol cotton ball or gauze, remove the dirt on the quartz glass sleeve and wipe it off, so as not to affect the transmittance of ultraviolet light, and affect the sterilization effect.
  3. When replacing the lamp, first unplug the lamp power socket, then pull out the lamp tube. Then carefully insert the cleaned new lamp into the UV food sterilizer machine, install the sealing ring, check for water leakage. And then insert On the power supply. Be careful not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers. Otherwise, Stains will affect the bactericidal effect.
  4. Prevent ultraviolet radiation. UV rays have a strong lethal effect on bacteria, and they also have certain damage to the human body. Therefore, when starting the disinfection lamp, avoid direct exposure to the human body. If necessary, use protective glasses. Do not directly look at the light source with your eyes to avoid burning the eye mask.
    The food can be sterilized by uv sterilizer
    The Food Can Be Sterilized By A Uv Sterilizer

Main advantages of our UV food sterilizing machine

  1. The food sterilizer machine has a simple structure, simple operation, and convenient maintenance, small space occupation, and large processing capacity.
  2. The machine is effective in degrading chlorides in water by photolysis. Therefore, the entire sterilization process is non-polluting and environmentally friendly.
  3. This food sanitizer machine uses the optical principle to design a unique inner wall treatment process, which enables the cavity to maximize the use of ultraviolet rays. So the bactericidal effect is doubled. And various bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms can be quickly and effectively killed.
  4. Our ultraviolet sterilizer machine can also sterilize masks.
  5. Our sterilizer machines have been exported to Thailand, the Philippines, the United States, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and so on

Working video of the commercial UV sterilizer

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Ultraviolet sterilizer equipment
Ultraviolet Sterilizer Equipment
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