How are tapioca pearls in bubble tea made? Comprehensive answers here!

Boba tea with black tapioca pearls
boba tea with black tapioca pearls

The bubble milk tea also called boba tea and pearls milk tea, which is usually smooth, sweet and delicious, and the tapioca pearls in various colors and flavors are flexible and are popular with people of all ages. How exactly are the boba pearls in milk tea made? Besides using electric boba pears maker machine, can we also make these delicious bubble tea pearls at home?

Why called boba tea or milk bubble tea?

In fact, the bubble boba pearls tea does not have a lot of bubbles in it, and it is not really tea, but a drink that can be mixed with milk, coffee, fruits, tea and other tapioca puddings.

Today, this unique drink originated in Taiwan, China has swept many European and American countries. Now, from food courts in shopping malls to beverage menus in high-end restaurants, almost all shops selling pearl milk bubble tea can be seen.

Boba balls made by commercial boba pearls making machine
Boba Balls Made By Commercial Boba Pearls Making Machine

How are the tapioca pearls(boba balls) made?

The pearl milk tea is crystal clear, and the elastic pearls are not made of special materials, but are made of tapioca flour. Common black milk tea pearls and milk tea puddings are made from tapioca flour.

In fact, many beverage shops that make pearl milk tea use commercial boba making machine to make tapioca pearls. Because the tapioca pearls processing machine can save a lot of time and reduce labor costs, and a boba balls maker machine can process a variety of milk tea pearls, it is very practical. For small beverage shops, workers can also make boba balls manually.

Tapioca pearl making machine
Tapioca Pearl Making Machine

How to use the boba pearls for making boba tea?

Before making pearl milk tea, these cassava balls were generally white, black, or other colors. These tapioca pearls need to be cooked in boiling water before adding milk tea.

After cooking, tapioca pearls will become soft and elastic, bright in color, and beautiful like glass balls. When making milk tea, black cassava pearls are usually added to the cup, then milk, coffee, ice cubes and other ingredients are added, and finally mixed and ready to drink.

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