Japanese customer bought a boba maker machine with the capacity of 50kg/h

Boba,tapioca pearls in milk tea
boba,tapioca pearls in milk tea

Boba maker can also be called boba making machine, tapioca pearl machine, and glutinous rice ball machine, which can not only make boba and tapioca pearls but also can make the sweet dumplings on a large scale. Most of the foreign customers bought this boba maker for production the tapioca pearls for their milk tea shops or beverage stores.

Boba maker
Boba Maker

The reasons for buying the tapioca pearl making machine

With the new fashion of eating habits, especially young people, the milk tea was popular among the people of all ages as a healthy and fashionable drink. Therefore, as the main ingredients in the milk tea making, the boba or tapioca pearls are in great demand in the markets. Using a small and efficient boba making machine to make these milk tea ingredients is good choice for most of the drinks shops.

This Japanese customer-owned a medium size of beverage store and most of his customers love to drink the milk tea with tapioca pearls. He bought these boba and tapioca pearls from several local flour processing stores in the last two years, but he was not so satisfied with the quality of the tapioca pearls he bought. Due to long-distance transporting and long timekeeping, the boba pearls he bought were not fresh so that he was worried that his mill tea tastes will not so good. Therefore, he searched online for this kind of machine for the production of boba and tapioca pearls.

Sweet dumplings made by boba maker
Sweet Dumplings Made By Boba Maker

He found our website page of this boba maker and felt very interesting, so that he contacted us for the details, like machine yield, parameters, and working videos. Considering increasing the added value of this machine, he decided to make glutinous rice balls( sweet dumplings) for selling as well as producing the tapioca pearls. After seeing the boba making machine working videos, he asked about the affairs of shipping and packaging and gave us the order of the machine with 30kg/h to 50kg/h yields.

Parameters of boba maker with 50kg/h

Model: TZ-1000

Motor Power: 1.1 kW

Voltage: 220v/380v

Diameter: 7-25mm

Production capacity: 20-50kg/h

Dimension: 1300*950*1100mm

Tapioca pearl making machine for shipping
Tapioca Pearl Making Machine For Shipping
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