Steam Jacketed Help Dubai Food Factory Make Peanut Candy

Steam jacketed kettles in stock
steam jacketed kettles in stock

In today’s food processing industry, efficient, stable and reliable machines are the key factors to ensure product quality and production efficiency. Recently, a customer in Dubai is building a large food processing plant. They need a steam jacketed to make the peanut candy. We are proud to tell you that our machines meet all the needs of customers and have been highly praised by customers.

Steam jacketed for sale
steam jacketed for sale

Advantages of Taizy steam jacketed kettle

This steam jacketed has many excellent properties and functions, which make it an obvious choice for customers. First, it has a stainless steel construction. This design allows the peanut candies to heat quickly and evenly. This can not only improve production efficiency but also ensure the quality and taste of peanut candy.

Inner structure
inner structure

In addition, this steam jacketed pot is also equipped with a precise temperature control system to ensure a constant temperature during the production process, thereby ensuring the quality and consistency of peanut candy. This characteristic is very important to ensure the reliability and stability of food processing.

Most importantly, this machine is very easy to operate and maintain. According to the customer, he was able to use the machine soon after receiving it. This provides a guarantee for the smooth operation of the peanut bar production line. The staff of the production line can also easily master the operation of the machine.

Picture of proforma invoice
picture of proforma invoice

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After the customer uses our steam jacketed kettle for peanut candy making, the customer is very satisfied with the performance and operation of the machine. Therefore, they plan to also consider our machines in their future purchasing plans. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.

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