Steam Jacketed Kettle for Sale

Jacketed kettle with agitator
jacketed kettle with agitator

The jacketed pot is also known as steam jacketed kettle, cooking pot, and jacketed cooking kettle. It usually consists of a pot body and feet. The pot body is a double-layer structure composed of inner and outer spherical pot bodies. Heating methods include electric heating, steam heating, gas heating, electromagnetic heating, and other heating forms. Here we introduce the industrial steam jacketed kettle. The application of the steam jacketed pot in the food industry is very extensive. Because it can also be used in large restaurants or canteens for soup, cooking, stewing, porridge, etc. It is one of the main equipment in food processing equipment.

Jacketed cooking pot
Jacketed Cooking Pot

Features of steam jacketed kettle

  1. Large heating area
  2. High thermal efficiency and uniform heating
  3. Short boiling time of liquid material
  4. Easy to control heating temperature
  5. Beautiful appearance
  6. Easy to install
  7. Easy to operate
  8. Safe and reliable
Commercial steam jacketed kettle
Commercial Steam Jacketed Kettle

How does steam-jacketed pan work?

The stirring system of the steam jacketed kettle is mainly driven by a motor or a hydraulic station. The inside of the machine uses 360-degree scraping and stirring, which can avoid the occurrence of sticky pots. In addition, We can freely control the temperature and stirring frequency. This ensures that the color and taste of the product in each pot of food are consistent.
There are two stirring methods for the jacketed pot, one is bottom scraping stirring, and the other is planetary stirring. Generally speaking, the stirring speed of the jacketed pot is 31 revolutions per minute. We can add the inverter according to the customer’s needs. The frequency converter can freely adjust the speed. Planetary stirring simulates manual stirring up and down, which can ensure that there are no blind spots for stirring in the pot, so that the stirring is even.

Jacketed pan
Jacketed pan

Commercial steam jacketed kettle for sale

At Taizy Machinery, we have high-quality steam jacketed pot for sale. Compared with its peers, the quality of the machine has a great advantage. For example, the internal material of the machine is stainless steel. This can effectively extend the service life of the machine. Also, the price of the steam jacketed kettle is reasonable. To be honest, the price of the machine is affected by many factors, such as distance, tax rate, etc. If you want to know the specific quotation, please contact us. Our salesman will make a detailed quotation for you according to your situation.

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