Russian customer ordered two commercial jacketed kettles

commercial jacketed cooking pot
commercial jacketed cooking pot

The commercial jacketed kettle is commonly used food processing equipment and is especially suitable for making cooked foods such as porridge, steamed buns, stir-fried vegetables, and dried tea leaves. Recently, a customer from Russia ordered from us two electricheating jacketed pots for frying tobacco in his small tobacco processing plant.

Why can a commercial jacketed kettle be used to process tobacco in Russia?

The Russian tobacco market is one of the largest tobacco markets in the world. Judging from the actual consumption of tobacco, Russia is currently the second-largest tobacco consumer in the world. The output of tobacco leaves produced in Russia is not large enough to meet the growing demand for cigarette production.

Tabocco in Russia for frying
Tobacco leaves in Russia for frying

For this reason, the vast majority of the leaves required by Russia are imported from abroad. Brazil, Malawi, Turkey, and the United States are Russia’s main tobacco suppliers. In recent years, tobacco cultivation in Russia has increased, and the tobacco processing industry has gradually developed. The commercially available jacketed kettle is highly practical and can be used in both electric and gas heating modes. It has a large capacity and is very suitable for frying tea leaves and shredded tobacco.

The purchasing process of the Russian customer for electric jacketed kettles

The Russian quickly contacted us after browsing our website. He asked our sales manager if our machine could be used to fry tobacco, and asked about the heating method of our machine model. Our sales manager introduced him to the scope of application of the jacketed kettle in detail and provided him with cases from Vietnam, Thailand, and Brazil to fry tea and tobacco with our machine.

jacketed pan in stock
jacketed pan in stock

The customer was very satisfied and soon decided to order a commercial jacketed kettle with a capacity of 300L from us. The customer quickly asked our freight forwarder to pay us and expressed their hope that we would ship as soon as possible. After about a week, we arranged the shipment for this customer. The customer received our machine very quickly and put it into use soon.

After about half a month, the Russian customer once again proactively contacted us. He said that our machine is of very good quality and easy to use, and decided to order another 500L jacketed kettle from our factory. We soon sent the customer detailed information and quotation of the machine, and because the customer trusted the quality of our products, they paid quickly.

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