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commercial sponge cake production line

The industrial sponge cake production line is specially manufactured for making all kinds of sponge cakes, cupcakes, muffin cakes, and other cakes on a large scale. The complete cake production line mainly includes the egg beater machine, cake batter mixer machine, cake depositor(cake batter filling machine), cake baking oven, and cupcake packaging machine. This commercial cake making machine is very suitable for small and medium-sized food processing plants to process and sell a variety of delicious sponge cakes. The output of this small-scale cake production line is between 100kg/h and 350kg/h, and its output can also be customized according to customer needs.

sponge cup cakes
sponge cupcakes

Why invest in the sponge cake production business?

With the development of dietary diversification, people increasingly pursue healthy and delicious foods. As a new casual snack and pastry, sponge cake is gradually being welcomed by more and more people. Sponge cakes and muffin cakes usually have a variety of shapes, sweet and soft, easy to digest, suitable for people of all ages. Therefore, the market demand for such attractive cupcakes is huge.

packaged cupcakes
packaged cupcakes

In addition, the investment cost of producing this cake is relatively low. The initial investment cost of the cake making machines is only the cost of buying a cake maker and hiring workers. The raw materials for processing sponge cakes are usually flour, water, eggs, sugar, and cooking oil. These raw materials are usually very cheap, so the production cost is very low. The production process of sponge cake is simple and the workers are easy to operate, so the production efficiency is high, the profit is large, and the profit is fast.

Sponge cakes production flow chart

The process of using the cake production line to process sponge cake is very simple, mainly including five steps: egg beating,  cake batter mixing, cake batter filling, cake baking, and sponge cake packaging.

Step 1: egg beating

When making a cake, we usually use a lot of eggs. This is because after adding eggs to the cake batter, the color of the sponge cake made is brighter, the taste is sweeter, and the texture is softer. This kind of cake will also be more nutritious. However, the manual method of beating eggs is time-consuming and laborious, and the processing efficiency is very low.

egg beating machine
egg beating machine

Therefore, we can use the automatic egg breaker to quickly separate the eggshell and the egg liquid. Small egg beater machines are often used in cake production lines. It can automatically break the eggs, separate the egg liquid by centrifugal rotation, and discharge the eggshell out of the machine.

♥ Step 2: cake batter mixing

To make cake batter is an important part of processing sponge cake. We can use this electric batter mixer to fully mix various raw materials. We can add flour, water, egg liquid, sugar, and an appropriate amount of edible oil to the cake better mixer according to a certain ratio. Then start the machine for rapid mixing.

cake batter mixer machine
cake batter mixer machine

The mixing speed of this cake batter mixer is high, medium, and low, and customers can adjust it according to production needs. Moreover, we can also set the mixing time of the batter. The volume of the cake batter mixing barrel varies according to different models. Usually, there are 25L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 100L, 120L, and other specifications to choose from.

♥ Step 3: cake batter filling

After the pulping is completed, we need to use an automatic cake depositor machine to evenly inject the cake batter into each baking tray. This cake batter filling machine has various specifications, with the functions of automatic paper cup placement, automatic grouting, and automatic tray conveying.

new type cupcake making machine
new type of cupcake making machine

The machine’s quantitative grouting system can accurately inject the same amount of cake batter into each mold hole in the baking tray, and the error will not exceed 2 grams. In addition, we can make sponge cakes of different sizes and shapes by changing molds and grouting nozzles of different shapes.

♥ Step 4: sponge cake baking

When baking sponge cakes, we can use the following two sponge cake baking ovens: a small drawer oven and a large box oven. The use of the former oven is more common, often used in bakeries, restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc. This kind of oven has different baking volumes according to different processing volumes, and each layer has independent baking space.

The output of another industrial type oven is usually relatively large, which is suitable for various food processing plants. The baking space is relatively large, and the baking volume of each batch of cakes is also relatively large. The baking time and baking temperature(0℃-250℃) of these two cake ovens can be set and adjusted. Customers can choose their own oven according to their actual production requirements.

♥ Step 5: sponge cake packaging

After the cake is baked, we can take it out for natural cooling, and then use the automatic packaging machine to pack it into a separate package. This pillow-type food packaging machine can pack various snacks. We can choose different cupcake packaging styles, packaging sizes, and packaging weights.

The packaged cupcakes can be sold in boxes after sterilization. In order to sterilize quickly, we can choose to use an ultraviolet sterilizer to sterilize it.

Cupcake baking temperature adjustment of the cake production line

When using the oven to bake sponge cakes, you must pay attention to the cake baking time and baking temperature adjustment methods. Usually, after pouring the cake batter into the baking mold and sending it into the oven, the original flowable viscous emulsion is transformed into a solid gel with a fixed tissue structure.

The internal tissue of the cake forms a porous crumb-like structure, which makes the cake soft. And there is a certain degree of flexibility. The outer skin layer of the batter will undergo brown-yellow and caramelization reactions at high temperatures for baking, and the color will gradually deepen to form a pleasing yellow-brown color, emitting the unique aroma of the cake.

delicious sponge cupcake with different shapes
delicious sponge cupcake with different shapes

In the sponge cake production line, the baking cakes should be based on the size and type of cake to determine the temperature and time. Small cakes should use a high temperature and short baking time; thick cakes should use a low temperature and longer baking time.

1. If the cake weight is below 100g, it needs to be baked at 200℃ for about 12-18 minutes.

2. The cake weight is between 100g~450g, and it needs to be baked at 180℃ for about 18-40 minutes.

3. The cake weight is 450g~1kg, and it needs to be used at 170℃ for 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Features of the commercial cake making machines

  1. The production process of the sponge cake production line is easy to operate. The entire production line needs about 3-5 workers. High degree of automation, safe, and reliable production process.
  2. The commercial cupcake making machines are all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and has a long service life. It can also ensure food safety and hygiene.
  3. The output of this cake production line is generally between 100kg/h and 500kg/h. We can customize a suitable cake processing line and provide the best cupcakes production plan for customers according to their production needs.
various cake packaging
various cake packaging