Fresh Chili Sauce Making Machine | Small Chili Paste Grinder

Chili sauce making machine
chili sauce making machine

Chili sauce making machine is a kind of commercial equipment used to process all kinds of fresh chili sauce, peanut butter, sesame paste, soy milk, vegetable juice, etc. The electric chili paste grinder machine is also called colloid mill, which is a kind of grinding equipment, and there are many models to choose from. The model of the chili sauce machine should be determined according to the hardness, fineness, and output of the processed materials. The larger the colloid mill model, the greater the output.

Application of the collid mills
Application Of The Colloid Mills

Working principle of the fresh chili sauce making machine for sale

The basic working principle of the Chili pepper sauce making machine is that the material passes between the fixed teeth and the movable teeth which are relatively linked at high speed so that the material is subjected to a strong shearing force, friction force, and high-frequency vibration, and it is quickly ground into a slurry.

The grinding of materials mainly relies on the relative movement of the tooth-shaped slopes of the grinding disc. One of them rotates at a high speed and the other is stationary so that the material passes through the material between the tooth slopes and is subjected to great shear and friction.

Stainless steel chili sauce making machine
Stainless Steel Chili Sauce Making Machine

At the same time, under the action of complex forces such as high-frequency vibration and high-speed vortex, the materials will be effectively crushed, emulsified, homogenized, and mixed, so that users can obtain satisfactory finely processed products.

Small chili paste grinder machine’s structure

A colloid mill is a machine for fine grinding and crushing of fluid materials. It is mainly composed of a housing, a stator, a rotor, a regulating mechanism, a cooling mechanism, and a motor. It is widely used in many industries.

Structure of small chili paste grinder
Structure Of Small Chili Paste Grinder

Details introduction of the commercial chili sauce maker machine

  1. Screw feeder: The screw feeder is located in the inlet above the grinding disc of the machine, which can assist in the rapid discharge of materials with larger particles.
    Screw feeder
    Screw Feeder
  2. Blade type feeder: This new type of feeder is suitable for materials with smaller particles, and can quickly transfer animal materials into the grinding plate of a chili sauce machine.
    Blade type feeder
    Blade Type Feeder
  3. Static grinding disc: The grinding disc is the upper grinding disc in the colloidal grinding disc group, which can cause the material passing between the tooth-shaped inclined surfaces to be subjected to great shear and friction.
    Static grinding disc
    Static Grinding Disc
  4. Movable grinding disc: The grinding disc is the lower grinding disc of the colloidal grinding disc group, which can effectively grind, emulsify, crush, and homogenize materials through high-speed rotation and high-frequency vibration.
    Movable grinding disc
    Movable Grinding Disc

Advantages of Taizy chili sauce making machine

  1. The chili pepper paste grinder is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, which is very resistant to high temperatures and can be widely used in industries such as industry and food and medicine.
  2. The grinding disc is composed of stainless steel gears, which can achieve a crushing effect instantly. The user can automatically adjust the gear according to the required fineness. Therefore, the chili sauce machine is suitable for many food industries.
    Various inlets of the chili sauce machine
    Various Inlets Of The Chili Sauce Machine
  3.  The motor of the chili sauce making machine has the advantages of high power, large torque, low temperature rise, and small vibration. Its three-phase motor directly drives the grinding head to rotate, making grinding more time-saving.
  4. This automatic chili sauce processing machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance design, good sealing, stable performance, convenient operation, simple installation, and high production efficiency.
Fresh red chili sauce made by chili sauce maker
Fresh Red Chili Sauce Made By Chili Sauce Maker

How to buy a chili pepper sauce grinder machine at a good price?

When purchasing a chili sauce making machine, customers should pay attention to distinguish the quality, price, manufacturer, and model of the machine. Generally, when grinding viscous materials, it is generally recommended to use large-scale colloid mill equipment.

In addition, pay attention when purchasing a colloid mill: the greater the shear rate of the grinding head of the colloid mill, the better the production effect;
The tooth profile structure of the colloidal grinding head is divided into the primary tooth, middle tooth, fine-tooth, and super fine tooth. The finer the tooth, the better the processing effect.

Chili pepper sauce paste machine for shipping to thailand
 Chili Pepper Sauce Paste Machine For Shipping To Thailand


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