Pepper Picker | Red Chili Picking Machine

Pepper picker (2)
pepper picker (2)

The electric pepper picker is the common pepper harvesting machine, which also can be called a red chili picking machine. This small pepper processing machine is mainly used for picking the wet or dry peppers from the pepper stems. It is very practical for most of the farmers with large areas of pepper plantations.

Pepper picker working effect
Pepper Picker Working Effect

Why choose the automatic pepper picker machine?

For farmers who own the huge pepper plantations, it will be very busy and difficult for harvesting the ripe peppers. To pick the red chili needs a lot of labors working on the fields and the pepper picking will cost much time. For reducing the harvesting time and saving lots of labor costs, to choose an efficient pepper picker will be a good choice. This red chili picking machine can replace the labor-harvesting of peppers with high efficiency.

Red chili for picking
Red Chili For Picking

Structural features of the red chili picking machine

The machine includes a frame, gear shearing structure and transmission structure. This picking machine is provided with a picking device for picking and separating the peppers from the stems and comprises a set of comb-shaped structures with a pointed tip forward. The new pepper picker solves the mechanized harvesting problem of pepper planting, especially the mechanized harvesting of large-scale pepper planting, which not only saves labor but also greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production cost.

Electric pepper picker
Electric Pepper Picker

The pepper picking equipment can remove the peppers from the plant and remove the pepper stems, thereby solving the technical problem of slow removal of the artificial pepper, high flowering time, low work efficiency and high labor intensity. This machine is suitable for harvesting any kind of (dry, wet) pepper, and it is especially suitable for picking the red chili.

This commercial pepper picker is a special machine for picking chili. The machine has good economic benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits. It’s working efficiency is dozens of times that of manual picking. It is especially suitable for farms and planting professional households. It can be used by itself or commercial.

Red chili picker
Red Chili Picker

Main application advantages of the electric pepper picker

  1. This picker machine is suitable for the picking of various peppers. Easy to use, high efficiency, suitable for all pepper farmers.
  2. Electric pepper picker has different models so that it has different working capacities, which range from 100kg/h to 150kg/h.
  3. The red chili picking machine has a simple structure, which has the great advantages of stable performance, energy-saving, simple operation, time and labor-saving, easy maintenance, and good economic benefits.
Harvested peppers
Harvested Peppers

Technical parameters of the red chili picking machine

Model TZ-P-1 TZ-P-2 TZ-P-3 TZ-P-4 TZ-P-5
Power 2.57KW 3.7KW 2.94KW 2.75KW 2.9KW
Net weight 110KG 130KG 170KG 135KG 150KG
Output 100-150KG 100-150KG 200-250KG 100-150KG 100-150KG
Dimension 850/7500/1250MM 850/750/1470MM 1470/750/1250MM 850/700/1350MM 850/860/1550MM

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