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How is the peanut butter making machine price for the Philippines?

commercial peanut butter machine for shipping to Philippines
commercial peanut butter machine for shipping to Philippines

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the consumption of peanut butter is increasing. Therefore, the industrial peanut butter production model replaced the hand-workshop-style processing method. Moreover, more and more investors choose to buy peanut butter making machines in our factory. So, is the commercial peanut butter machine expensive? What is the peanut butter making machine price in the Philippines?

What machine makes peanut butter?

Our traditional way of making peanut butter is to use a stone mill to continuously grind peanuts to make peanut butter. However, the production efficiency of the traditional peanut butter production method is low, and the production process is complicated. Now, we all use the commercial peanut butter maker machine to make peanut butter in large quantities.

peanut butter making machine in stock
peanut butter making machine in stock

Peanut butter machine is also called colloid mill, which is a kind of emulsification and homogenization equipment commonly used in the food processing industry. It can be used not only in the food processing industry, such as making peanut butter, tahini but also in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

How does a peanut butter making machine work?

The peanut butter making machine is driven by a motor through a belt drive to drive the rotating teeth (or rotor) and the matching fixed teeth (or stator) to rotate at a relatively high speed. The processed materials such as peanuts, sesame seeds, etc., are pressurized by their own weight or external pressure (produced by a pump) to generate downward spiral impact force.

Which is strongly affected by the gap between the fixed and rotating teeth (the gap is adjustable) Shear force, friction force, high-frequency vibration, and other physical effects are effectively emulsified, dispersed, and crushed to achieve the effect of fine crushing and emulsification of materials. The grinding fineness of the peanut butter maker machine can be set and adjusted according to the user’s production needs.

peanut butter applications
peanut butter applications

Peanut butter making machine price in the Philippines

The peanut butter machines manufactured by our factory have many specifications and types, not only small household peanut butter machines but also large industrial peanut butter making machines. And our peanut butter processing equipment has been exported to many countries, especially popular with users in Southeast Asian countries and African countries. Last week, we even exported 10 peanut butter makers to the Philippines.

The price of the peanut butter making machine in our factory is very favorable. We will also give corresponding discounts based on customer purchases. The peanut butter machines’ price on the market is very different, also because the manufacturing processes of different peanut butter machine manufacturers are different. But when customers choose a peanut butter maker, they should not only pursue low prices but should understand the strength of the manufacturer and the quality of the equipment from different angles.





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