10 sets rice cake maker machines sold to the Philippines

Packaged rice cake machine for shipping to japan
packaged rice cake machine for shipping to Japan

Crispy rice crackers are very popular nowadays. Therefore, many distributors purchase a large number of commercial rice cake maker machines from our factory. This mini rice cake machine is very suitable for household and small self-employed stores. This rice cracker machine can directly puff rice and other grains into edible rice cakes. Recently, a Filipino customer ordered 10 rice cake maker machines from our factory.

Main features of the rice cake maker machine

The small rice cake maker is a practical new type of automatic rice cracker machine, which is suitable for manufacturing puffed food, especially puffed rice crackers in the food industry. The rice cake making machine can automatically blank, automatically feed, automatically pop out rice crackers, and automatically eject rice crackers during use.

Fresh made rice cakes
Freshly Made Rice Cakes

The rice cake machine has the advantages of a high degree of automation, small size, low power consumption, simple and safe operation, etc., and is a puffed food processing machine with a wide range of applications and no environmental restrictions.

This rice cake machine is new generation equipment of our company to make snack food. Using rice as the main raw materials, it can make a nutritional and delicious rice cake, with a diameter is 8cm and thickness is about 7-9 mm. The rice cake produced by this machine is a kind of healthy, fashionable leisure and low-fat snacks, to meet the current trend of consumption.

Profit analysis of rice cakes processing business

Taking the Chinese market as an example:

Rice cake maker machine features
Rice Cake Maker Machine Features
1. Daily Cost
Name Analyze Calculation
Raw material Based on 12 hours of daily business hours, and 10 hours of equipment working hours; 360 pcs per hour, 1 kilogram per 160 pcs; raw material rice is 8 RMB 360×10÷160×8=180 RMB
Electric cost The equipment power is 1.5KW, 10 hours per day, the power consumption is 15 degrees electricity fee is 15*1=15RMB
Packing cost Based on 16 rice cakes per bag, each packaging bag is calculated at 0.2 RMB 360×10÷16×0.2=45RMB
Venue rental fee 100 RMB per day 100 RMB
Sales staff 100 RMB per day 100 RMB
Total cost 440 RMB
2. Daily sales
Sales location Analyze Calculation
In the bustling community, shopping malls, hotels, KTV, tourist attractions The selling price is 10 yuan per bag, daily working time is 10 hours, 360 tablets per hour, 16 tablets per bag 360×10÷16×6=1350RMB
3. Daily net profit 1350-440 = 910 RMB
Remarks: The above data is only a hypothetical reference
Rice cake machines are in stock
Rice Cake Machines Are In Stock

Details of the Philippines’ order of 10 rice cake machines

The customer is a local distributor in the Philippines and his wife is from China, so he knows the Chinese market well. He often imports various machinery from China and sells them locally. Two months ago, he purchased a 40-foot container from China and bought a lot of food processing equipment. However, the container was not full before shipment, so he decided to continue purchasing a batch of goods.

He had considered buying a rice cake maker machine before because many of his customers had consulted him about the rice cracker making machine. Therefore, he got in touch with us through our website and said that he needed to buy multiple small rice cake machines.

We made a purchase plan for 10 rice cake makers based on the remaining volume of the container he ordered and considering a large number of customers, we also gave him a discount. The customer was very satisfied with the quotation we provided and paid soon.

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