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commercial coffee roaster machine

Coffee roasting machine is the commonly used coffee bean baking equipment, it can be commercial type and household type. Taizy coffee roaster machine is specialized in manufacturing the shop-use or household coffee roasting machines.

This coffee roasting equipment can bake coffee beans with even heating methods and the whole roasting process is smokeless and very efficient.

Coffee roasting machine working video

coffee beans roasting machine

Why should we bake the coffee beans with a coffee roaster?

We are all familiar with all kinds of coffee and most of us like to drink coffee every day. But about how is the coffee powder made, we know very little. When the coffee beans are harvested, they should be shelled for separating the kernels and shells by the special coffee bean shelling machine. Then the cleaned coffee beans should be baked at about 170℃ in the coffee roasting equipment.

The coffee roasting process is mainly to remove the excess moisture and cause a series of chemical reactions, such as the Caramelization reaction and the Maillard reaction, which can turn the raw coffee beans into scented coffee beans.

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coffee beans baking
Coffee beans baking

The main structure of the coffee bean roaster machine

The commercial coffee roasting machine can be designed with two heating ways: liquefied gas heating and electric heating. It’s worth noting that it is better to choose liquefied gas heating if the processing capacity is more than 6 kg/h for it will not cost much. And if your processing requirement is lower than 6 kg/h, you can choose both of these two heating methods.

The coffee beans baking machine comprises a feed hopper, electric control cabinet, baking chamber, sampling spoon, observation port, dust collecting device, fans, cooling plate, 4 motors, adjustment handle, access door, and discharge port.

coffee roaster structure
Coffee roaster structure

The parts contacting the coffee beans are made of carbon steel which has excellent thermal conductivity, and they can also be designed with stainless steel based on customer needs. The coffee roaster is equipped with two sensors: one at the exit of the baking chamber to measure the temperature of the baking chamber, and the other at the damper to measure the temperature at the damper to adjust the damper switch according to the temperature to adjust the temperature in the baking chamber.

coffee bean roasting machine
Coffee bean roasting machine

How does the coffee roasting machine work?

When using this shop coffee roasting machine, we should preheat the roasting chamber to reach the baking temperature of about 160℃-170℃by by electric heating or gas heating. When the temperature is ready, add the raw coffee beans into the feed hopper with a certain amount. This coffee roasting machine is the batch processing type, and it can bake the coffee beans for about 3-4 batches each hour.

coffee roasting machine in stock
The coffee roasting machine in stock

During the coffee beans roasting process, the coffee bean shells and the evaporated water will be extracted from the dust collector device. Each batch of coffee beans roasting will last about 15-20 minutes, and we can observe the baking degree of the coffee beans through the observation port or by the sampling spoon.

When the coffee roasting is finished, we can open the discharging baffle and the baked beans will fall into the cooling port. There are mixing shafts of the cooling port for stirring the coffee beans so that the coffee beans’ temperature will be cooled lower than 70℃quickly.

Related coffee processing machine

The following are two coffee processing machines related to coffee bean roasting. They are a Wet coffee fruit peeling machine and a Dry coffee bean shelling machine respectively.

1. Wet coffee fruit peeling machine

This machine is mainly to peel off the coffee fruit shells and get the fresh coffee beans. The coffee fruits that are for peeling should be fermented naturally for about 1 or 2 days which will cause a series of chemical reactions so that the coffee fruits are easy to shell and the pectin of the coffee bean skin can be cleaned.

When this wet coffee fruit peeling machine works, the coffee fruits will be peeled fast. And it can be simply washed to get the clean coffee beans. This peeling machine can be an electric drive or diesel engine drive with various types and models. Its processing capacity ranges from 800kg/h to 4500kg/h.

wet coffee fruit peeling machine
Wet coffee fruit peeling machine

2. Dry coffee bean shelling machine

This sheller machine is mainly used to remove the thin layer of endocarp attached to the coffee beans. During the shelling process, the clean coffee beans will be discharged from one outlet, and the coffee bean skins will be discharged from the other. The peeling rate can reach 90%, and the coffee bean sheller machine’s yield ranges from 150kg/h to 2800kg/h. It also has different types and models.

dry coffee beans sheller machine
Dry coffee beans sheller machine

The main features of the coffee processing machine

  1. This roaster machine has many specifications and the bulk of these machines are in stock to meet the great demands of the international market. Besides, we can also customize this machine according to customer requirements.
  2. The commercial coffee roasting machine can provide even heat for roasting coffee beans so that the coffee beans have charming tastes and good colors. For good packing of the baked beans, we can also provide an automatic packaging machine to assist your coffee processing business.
  3. This practical coffee processing machine can be widely used in various coffee shops or drink stores. Besides, this machine with a large working capacity is also very efficient for most coffee bean roasting plants.
coffee beans roasting effect
Coffee beans roasting effect

Technical parameters of the coffee roasting machine

ModelPower (KW)Roasting time (min)Batch capacity (kg)Dimension (cm)Weight (kg)
coffee beans roasting machine

Whether you are looking for a small coffee bean roaster machine or a large coffee bean roasting machine, we have the machine to meet your needs. Our coffee bean roasters have a minimum output of 0.5kg per batch and a maximum output of 15kg per batch.

Customer feedback for coffee bean roaster machine

This is our American customer feedback picture of his coffee processing shop, and he was very satisfied with the work of this roasting machine.

customer feedback from his coffee shop
Customer feedback from his coffee shop