How much does a coffee bean roaster cost in Malaysia?

coffee bean roaster for Malaysia
coffee bean roaster for Malaysia

Due to the natural hot and humid climate, Malaysia is very suitable for growing coffee beans, so Malaysia has always been the main producer of high-quality coffee. Due to the need for deep coffee processing, commercial coffee bean roasters are also in great demand in Malaysia. So what is the price of the coffee bean roaster? What factors affect the price of coffee bean roasters?

What is coffee bean roasting?

Coffee bean roasting refers to heating the coffee beans to convert the starch in the beans into sugar and acidic substances at high temperatures. The cellulose and other substances in coffee beans will be carbonized to varying degrees, and moisture and carbon dioxide will volatilize.

coffee beans roasting
coffee beans roasting

The protein in the coffee beans will be converted into enzymes and fats, and the remaining substances will be combined to form an oil film on the surface of the coffee beans. During the roasting process, coffee beans will generate sour, bitter, sweet, and other flavors of coffee, forming a certain body and tone.

Various small changes in temperature and heat during the roasting process of coffee beans can change the taste of coffee beans. And different beans have different characteristics. Therefore, the roasting process must be accurately budgeted and adjusted in time during the roasting process of coffee beans.

Factors affecting the coffee bean roaster prices

Coffee bean roasters are in great demand in Malaysia, and our factory exports many coffee roasters to this country every year. So, how much does it cost to purchase a coffee bean roaster in Malaysia? What factors affect the price of coffee bean roasters?

customer feedback from his coffee shop
customer feedback from his coffee shop

1. Coffee bean roaster manufacturer

Different coffee bean roasting machine manufacturers have different prices for coffee bean roasting machines. Many well-known manufacturers have world-renowned brands, so there will be brand premiums in terms of selling prices.

For consumers who are pursuing a brand, they can choose coffee bean roasters from well-known manufacturers. Consumers who do not pay attention to the brand should pay more attention to the price, quality, and production effect of the machine when buying a coffee bean roaster. Consumers need to carefully consider the use and maintenance methods of the coffee bean roaster before buying.

2. Machine type

There are two types of coffee bean roasters with a higher usage rate, namely, automatic coffee beans roasting machines and semi-automatic coffee beans roaster machines. Under normal circumstances, a fully automatic coffee bean roaster is more expensive due to higher equipment requirements. Different types of coffee beans roasting machines give users different feelings.

3. Supporting products

When buying a coffee bean roaster, many manufacturers will configure the corresponding parts, so the package price of many machines is also related to the quantity and quality of these supporting products. The coffee bean machine with more supporting products may be more expensive. However, these supporting products can also be increased or decreased according to user needs.


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