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Centrifugal oil filter
centrifugal oil filter

This Centrifugal Oil Filter is a small type of oil filtering equipment, which can also be called the centrifugal oil filter and the cooking oil filtration machine. This oil filter uses the high-speed rotation of its centrifugal head to separate the oil, water, and impurities quickly from the lubricating oil with different degrees of pollution or various edible oils and frying oil by different centrifugal forces. This oil filtering equipment is very practical for filtering and purifying all kinds of oils. In addition, our company also has screw oil presses and hydraulic oil presses for sale.

Cooking oil
Cooking Oil

Why should we use the automatic centrifugal oil filter?

In the industrial field, especially in the field of heavy industrial machinery manufacturing, there is often a large amount of waste engine oil and lubricating oil to be processed. The oil filter machine can effectively separate the impurities and excess moisture from these oils, and the filtered oil and lubricating oil can be reused. In addition, this centrifugal oil filter is more widely used in edible oil purification treatment. Most of the vegetable oil mill’s pressed oil needs to be filtered by the oil filter before it can be eaten. The cooking oil filter can separate the residue and moisture from the oil, thus ensuring the pure taste of the edible oil.

High-efficient oil filter equipment
High-Efficient Oil Filter Equipment

Main applications of the edible oil filtering machine

Centrifugal oil filters are used more and more widely in various oil mills. The key steps of the oil press are scrambled seeds, oil extraction, and filtration in three steps. The filtration is to ensure that the oil that is squeezed out is clear and can be cooked directly on the pan. Cooking oil filters are widely used in recent years. So which oil can be filtered by the centrifugal oil filter? In fact, most vegetable oils, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, linseed oil, and tea seed oil, can be filtered using this centrifugal oil filter.

The oil filter separates substances of different specific gravity in oil by the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, thereby effectively separating edible oil, phospholipids, and various impurities. The edible oil filtered by the centrifugal oil filter has the advantages of no foaming and no overflow when frying and frying. The filter has a fast filtering speed, does not require frequent replacement of consumables, and does not cause nutrient damage to the cooking oil itself.

Oil filter machine structure
Oil Filter Machine Structure

Working principle of the centrifugal oil filter

The oil filter is oil filtered by the centrifugal force of a rotating drum rotating at a high speed. The slag in the hydrated oil absorbs water and becomes heavier. The water quality is second only to the oil slag, and the oil is lighter. Therefore, the slag, water, and oil naturally form three layers on the inner wall of the rotating drum at a high speed. When the switch stops rotating, the oil will slide out of the drum at the surface of the micro-water molecules and flows out from the specific outlet, thereby achieving the filtering purpose. The edible oil purified by the oil filter machine is pure in oil quality.

Edible oil processing machine in stock
Edible Oil Processing Machine In Stock

Main features of the cooking oil purifying machine

  1. This oil filtration machine always can match with the oil press machine when used for processing all kinds of high-quality vegetable oils. After oil filtering, these edible oils can be cooked or sold directly.
  2. With high oil filtering efficiency, this centrifugal oil filter can be widely used in various oil processing workshops with small, medium or large scale. Besides, it is energy-saving and cost-saving.
  3. All the parts of this filter machine are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel so that it is very durable and efficient for cooking oil processing.
  4. This oil filter machine is a small and practical type of oil filtration equipment used for processing edible oil. To meet the different requirements of the customers, this machine has been designed with various models with different working capacities.
Oil filtering craft
Oil Filtering Craft

Why add saltwater when using the cooking oil filter?

The oil extracted from the oil crop contains a large number of phospholipids, which seriously affects the taste of the edible oil. When the oil is heated to 280 degrees, it tends to form a black precipitate, and a large amount of foam is formed, which is why some edible oils are not clean. The heating causes a cause of frothing.

Phospholipids are insoluble in water but are easily absorbing water and swell into colloids when absorbed. The effect of adding brine is Na+particles in brine, which can accelerate the aggregation of phospholipids. In this way, adding salt water to the hair oil can make the phospholipids heavier than simply adding water, and the separation is more thorough, which can increase the oil filtering effect.

Cooking oil filtered by the oil filter
Cooking Oil Filtered By The Oil Filter

Centrifugal oil filter technical data

Model Power(KW) Rotating speed (r/min) The diameter of the barrel(mm) Output (kg/h)
TZ-YTLY40 1.5 1800 360 80
TZ-YTLY50 1.5 1800 500 200
TZ-YTLY60 1.5 1800 550 260
TZ-YTLY80 2.0 2200 600 350
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