Automatic sesame hydraulic oil press

Sesame automatic hydraulic oil press
Sesame automatic hydraulic oil press

Peanuts, soybeans, sesame, and other grains can be used for oil extraction. Among them, sesame is divided into black sesame and white sesame. The oil extraction rate of the two types of sesame is the same, the oil content of sesame is about 54%, and the oil yield is about 45%-50%. The sesame oil press generally uses an automatic sesame hydraulic oil press, which can make the sesame oil yield higher.

Nutrition of sesame oil

Nutrition of sesame oil
Nutrition Of Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is famous for its mellow smell and pure taste. Sesame oil mainly has the effect of relaxing bowels and laxatives, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, sesame oil contains high protein, and also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Nutrients are also easily absorbed.

Three different oil extraction methods

Screw presses, hydraulic presses, and stone sesame oil presses can all be used to press sesame seeds, but they work differently and produce very different results. In fact, among the three types of oil pressing equipment, most people prefer hydraulic oil presses for pressing sesame seeds. The reason is very simple, that is, high oil yield and easy operation. The oil yield of the sesame pressed by the screw oil press is 30%-35%, while the oil yield of the hydraulic oil press is 45%-47%. Although the oil yield of the stone mill sesame oil machine is similar to that of the hydraulic oil press, the operation is cumbersome.

The principle of sesame automatic hydraulic oil press

The sesame hydraulic oil press uses the oil pressure from the pump station to generate pressure between the piston and the top so that the raw materials between the piston and the top can squeeze out the required sesame oil under strong pressure. In the past, the sesame oil we ate was made by a manual hydraulic sesame oil machine and small sesame oil grinder, which had the disadvantages of cumbersome operation, low oil yield, and large loss. Now the fully automatic hydraulic oil press is working, which is more efficient.

Sesame oil press factory inventory
Sesame Oil Press Factory Inventory

Factors affecting seam oil yield

1. Raw materials. When sesame is pressed, the plumpness, variety, dryness, and wetness of sesame will affect the oil yield.

2. Oil pressing equipment. When selecting equipment, you need to pay attention to three data, the working pressure of the oil press (the higher the working pressure, the higher the oil yield), the residue content of the oil press (the lower the residue content, the better), the residual oil rate of the dry cake (The lower the residual oil rate, the better).

3. Oil extraction technology. The temperature of sesame oil has an effect on the humidity of sesame seeds. Temperature affects the color of sesame seeds, and moisture affects the oil yield of sesame seeds.

Automatic sesame hydraulic oil press working efficiency

Sesame automatic hydraulic oil press
Sesame Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press

In order to test the working efficiency of the sesame oil press, we found that the finished sesame oil can be processed in 5-7 minutes. We have communicated with customers many times, and the customers are very satisfied with the work efficiency of the sesame hydraulic oil press.

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