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What kind of oil press machine does a small oil mill need?

edible oil pressed by the electric oil press
edible oil pressed by the electric oil press

Oil presses have always been a popular rich-making machine in food machinery. The investment in opening an oil mill is small, the effect is quick, and it will never worry about sales, so it has become a glorious money-making project in rural entrepreneurship projects. If you want to start a small oil mill, what kind of commercial oil press machine will you choose?

Oil press machine selection guide for oil mills

1. Choose a large-scale oil press manufacturer to buy

Generally, large-scale oil press manufacturers are more capable of developing advanced technology and high-quality oil presses, which can ensure the quality of oil presses and have sound after-sales services.

2. Choose the right type of oil press

There are two major types of oil press equipment: hydraulic oil presses (also known as hydraulic presses) and screw oil presses. Hydraulic oil presses are suitable for small batches of pressing work, and need to retain the original flavor of the oil, such as sesame oil, olive oil, walnut oil, etc.; screw oil presses have the large production capacity and high oil yield and are commonly used oil presses device.

oil extractor machine in stock
oil extractor machines are in stock

At present, there are many names for oil presses in the domestic and foreign markets. There are automatic oil presses, multi-functional oil presses, vacuum oil presses, new oil presses, and integrated oil presses. Screw press. For most users can choose a screw press. Strong oil press manufacturers will also produce hot presses and cold presses at the same time. You can consult the factory in detail when purchasing.

3. When buying an oil press, it is best to visit the oil press machine production plant

When the user visits the oil press manufacturer in person, he can intuitively understand the scale and strength of the oil press manufacturer, and at the same time, he can personally observe the quality of the oil press and the actual production effect of the oil press. More importantly, users can communicate their needs with manufacturers well in order to buy the ideal oil press.

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