Chili sauce making machine cost in Thailand

Chili paste grinder for sale
chili paste grinder for sale

With the development of technology, the method of processing chili sauce has also undergone tremendous changes. Commercial chili sauce making machines gradually replaced the traditional manual method of making chili sauce. Our factory manufactures cheap and efficient chili sauce machines that are now very popular in the Thailand market.

How to make fresh chili paste with a chili sauce grinder machine?

The ingredients used to make chili sauce are usually fresh red or green peppers. We first need to wash and dry the fresh peppers. When cleaning a lot of peppers, we can use bubble cleaners and air dryers to replace workers. Then add the clean chili to the chili sauce grinder at a constant speed to crush. In order to process chili sauce with different tastes, we can add various seasonings at the same time at the inlet of the machine.

Fresh chili paste
Fresh Chili Paste

After grinding, the chili sauce will continuously flow out from the machine’s discharge port. We can use a large container to store the chili sauce. Or use the chili sauce filling machine to divide the processed chili sauce into glass bottles or bags.

How is the chili sauce making machine cost in Thailand?

The prices of industrial chili sauce making machines produced by different manufacturers are different. This is because the production process and raw materials used by different chili sauce machine manufacturers are different. Usually, the chili sauce making machine is made of high-quality sus304 stainless steel, and the machine has many models. The price of the small chili sauce grinder is relatively favorable, which is very suitable for household and restaurant use.

The reason why our chili paste machine is popular in Thailand is that our machine is of good quality and high production efficiency. As Thailand is located in a tropical region, the output of vegetables and fruits is very large, and as an important cash crop, pepper is widely cultivated in Thailand, so the deep processing industry of pepper is developing rapidly in Thailand. In addition, the Thai diet places great emphasis on the use of various sauces, so chili sauce is also very common.

Red chili sauce making machine cost in thailand
Red Chili Sauce Making Machine Cost In Thailand

How to maintain the small chili sauce making machine?

1. After the colloid mill is used, it should be cleaned thoroughly. Do not leave the material in the machine to avoid leakage caused by mechanical seal bonding.
2. The machine must be connected to cooling water before use. Start the chili sauce machine, and after it runs normally, immediately feeds it into the mill for processing. The empty car should not run for more than 15 seconds.
3. The materials to be processed are not allowed to have quartz, broken glass, metal shavings, and other hard materials mixed into it, otherwise, the dynamic and static grinding plates of the machine will be damaged during processing.
4. Pay attention to the motor load of the chili pepper paste grinder, if you find an overload, reduce the feeding.
5. The colloid mill is a high-precision machine with a very small gap between the grinding discs and a high running speed. The operator should operate strictly according to the regulations, stop the machine in time when the fault is found, and continue working after troubleshooting.


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