Using tips of the jacketed pot


With the improvement of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, we have stricter requirements on food safety quality, so the sandwich pots are made of stainless steel. There are more and more people using the jacketed pan, and they have slowly replaced traditional iron-burning pots. 

What should be paid attention to when operating the steam-heated jacketed pot?

  • Before feeding, inject a small amount of water into the jacketed pot, open the ball valve at the bottom, and then open the air inlet valve. After the cold air in the jacket of the pot body is exhausted, close the ball valve, and when the pressure gauge pointer rises to the jacketed pot setting When the working pressure is higher, the safety valve is adjusted so that it will automatically deflate when it reaches the pressure relief value specified by this equipment. At this time, the intake valve can be closed to stop steam supply.
  • Scrub the jacketed pan and put in the materials. Open the air inlet valve slowly. When the material reaches the required temperature and the predetermined heating time, close the air inlet valve. Open the drain valve to release steam to make the pressure in the jacketed pot zero. For the vertical jacketed pot, the hand wheel can be turned to tilt the pot body and discharge the material. At this point, one homework has been completed
Jacketed cooking pot factory
Jacketed Cooking Pot Factory
Jacketed pan manufacturing plant
Jacketed Pan Manufacturing Plant
  • For each operation, the drain valve should be opened to drain the condensed water in the interlayer of the pot body. If the amount of water in the interlayer is too large, check whether the steam trap drain is malfunctioning to ensure the normal heat exchange. Extend operation time and affect work efficiency.
  • In order to keep it clean, it should be cleaned once every time it is used.
  • Before using the tiltable jacketed pot, check whether the rotating parts are well lubricated. Fill the oil cup with grease and pour an appropriate amount of grease into the bite of the turbine and worm.
  • After stopping the air intake, open the straight mouth cock at the bottom of the jacketed pot and drain the remaining water.

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