Sausage making machine price in Zimbabwe

smoked sausages
smoked sausages

Zimbabwe’s diet is the same as other southern African countries, and it is basically based on African and British cuisine. Eating beef and chicken is common in Zimbabwe, and beef sausages are often processed locally. Our factory recently exported a complete set of sausage making machines to Zimbabwe. And the Zimbabwean customer said that our sausage making machine price is good.

What is the sausage?

Sausage is a cylindrical tubular food made by mincing pork, chicken, beef, etc. into strips, and then filling them with casings. The cured and smoked sausages can be preserved for a long time. Sausages are generally made by pouring the small casings (or large casings) of pigs or sheep with well-tuned meat and dried. The taste and processing technology of sausages processed in different countries are different.

sausage processing with the sausage making machine
Sausage processing with the sausage making machine

How to make beef sausage with sausage making machine in Zimbabwe?

1. Cut the beef into cubes: Cut the beef into slices first, then cut into strips, and finally cut into 0.5 cm cubes.

2. Rinse: Soak the cut beef cubes in 1% saltwater, stir regularly to promote the dissolution of blood water and reduce the oxidation of the finished product. Remove the brine after 2 hours, soak in new brine for 6-8 hours, finally rinse and drain. Scald the diced beef with boiling water and immediately rinse with cold water and dry it.

3. Pickling: Mix the washed fat and lean beef diced, mix well with the seasoning according to the proportion, and pickle for about 8 hours. Turn up and down every 2 hours to make the seasoning even, and prevent high temperature, sunlight, and dust pollution when pickling.

sausage production line
Sausage production line

4. Enema: First soak the dry casing in warm water for about 15 minutes, rinse it inside and outside after softening, and soak it in clean water for later use. The water temperature should not be too high when soaking, so as not to affect the strength of the casing. Put the casing on the mouth of the sausage machine from one end. When it reaches the end, let out the air and tie it up. Then fill the diced meat, and release the casing from the mouth while filling the diced meat. After the whole casing is filled, the port is tied, and finally the knot is about 15 cm in length and divided into small sections.

5. Drying or smoking: Hang the stuffed beef sausage in a ventilated place and let it air dry for about half a month. Use your fingers to pinch it to ensure that it does not deform significantly. Be careful not to expose to the sun. Or you can use a smoker to smoke these sausages.

How is the sausage making machine price in Zimbabwe?

The sausage-making machines and sausage production lines manufactured in our factory have many specifications. Different sausage-making machines have different outputs and different prices. The general sausage production line mainly includes a meat grinder, meat chopping and mixing machine, stuffing mixing machine, sausage filling machine, sausage knotting machine, and sausage smoking machine.

Zimbabwean customer
Zimbabwean customer
Sausage production line
Sausage production line

The Zimbabwean customer bought a 200kg/h sausage processing line from our factory. The raw material is beef. However, the sausage produced by the customer is not smoked sausage, so there is no need to buy a smoker.


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