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The commercial pita bread machine is a very practical pasta processing machine, mainly used for processing all kinds of flatbread, Arabic bread, pita bread, salty bread, etc. This mini pita bread maker machine is mainly composed of a shell and rotating bakeware and has the characteristics of a compact structure, convenient movement, safe use, and high processing efficiency.

Due to favorable prices and good quality, this pita bread oven is very popular in countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

What is pita bread?

Pita bread is very common in our lives, but in different places, its name is different. For example, in China, it is called “Shaobing”, and in Arab countries, it is often called pita bread or flatbread. This kind of pasta is mainly round or square and usually needs to be kneaded, shaped, and baked.

We can also add sesame seeds to the pita bread, which will make it more crispy. According to different processing methods, pita bread is mainly divided into soft pita bread and crisp pita bread.

Commercial pita bread machine details

This kind of commercial flat bread maker machine is very suitable for use in restaurants or at home, especially suitable for individual businesses. The pita bread machine can adopt electric heating and gas heating. Usually, our customers will choose to purchase a gas-heated pita bread making machine, because this heating method is more energy-efficient and has lower production costs than electric heating.

Commercial pita bread oven
commercial pita bread oven

The arabic bread maker has two kinds of feet, namely fixed feet and movable universal wheels, which are convenient for users to choose their placement method when using. To make Arabic pita bread, we must first make dough. We can either process the dough manually or use the automatic dough mixer machine to make the dough. Then cut the dough into small pieces of uniform size and knead, and finally make a round cake.

When using this pita bread maker machine of Taizy food machinery, we need to preheat it to about 160°C. Then place the pasta on the rotating bakeware of the pita bread machine for baking. Before baking, we can also sprinkle sesame seeds on the dough to make the pita bread more delicious.

At our company, we also have pasta machines for sale such as spring roll sheet machines and commercial crepe machines.

Working effect of the pita bread maker machine
working effect of the pita bread maker machine

Arabic bread maker machine’s parameter

pita bread machine

Three different output and size pita bread machines for sale. What yield arabic bread maker do you need? Feel free to contact us via the pop-up window in the lower right corner.

Large type of pita bread machine
large type of pita bread machine

Rotary pita bread oven’s features

  1. The pita bread machine has the characteristics of a compact structure, convenient use and maintenance, and high production efficiency, which has changed the disadvantages of low efficiency, easy hot hand, and high labor intensity of the traditional hanging oven.
  2. The output of the flat bread maker machine is relatively large, generally between 150pcs/h and 400pcs/h. Through technical improvements for this model pita bread oven, the use of liquefied gas and natural gas or electricity combustion instead of the original charcoal grill has solved the problem of unsanitary carbon wood.
  3. The use of inconvenient problems about this pita bread oven, while borrowing from the technology of bread-making and hot-bottom-burning, supplements the infrared furnace with the equipment in the interior of the converter to further enhance the product’s texture, appearance, and capacity.

How to make pita bread at home?

The processing method of pita bread is relatively simple, usually, we can make this kind of bread at home. The method of making pita bread or flatbread by hand has the following steps.

Prepare ingredients

Wheat flour, water, yeast powder, a little cooking oil, a little salt, and a little sesame.


Put all the flour in the mixing bowl, add a little yeast powder, add a little water in a few portions, and knead the flour into a smooth dough. Then cover it with a damp cloth and leave it in a warm place to ferment to make the dough double its original size.

Flour-oil mixture

In the process of fermenting noodles, we have to prepare a small bowl and put the required ingredients in a ratio of 10:1 between flour and salt. Then add oil to the pot, about the amount of flour, and then pour the oil into the flour after heating.

Making round cake

Stir the flour thoroughly so that the flour can absorb the oil so that the shortbread is ready. After the dough is fermented, take out the flour and place it on a cutting board sprinkled with dry flour. Knead the dough to form a round cake, and then use a rolling pin to roll it into a large thin dough.


Then brush the pastry on the surface of the thin dough with a brush. Pay attention to spread evenly. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds. The dough is then baked in a baking pan that has been preheated to 180°C. The crispy pita bread is ready in about 20 minutes.

All kinds of pita bread
all kinds of pita bread

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