How to start an injera processing business?

injera processing business in Ethiopia
injera processing business in Ethiopia

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the production of Ethiopian injera is no longer limited to home production but has developed into mass production in food stores and factories. With the increasing demand for injera, investment in the injera processing business has gradually become profitable. So, how do we start an Ethiopia injera processing business?

Why is it profitable to invest in the Ethiopian injera processing business?

Traditional injera making is made at home. Due to the complicated production process, it usually takes a long time to make this kind of food. Establish an injera business and use the commercial injera making machine to process injera, which is highly efficient and saves time and effort.

In addition, as the most popular staple food in East Africa, injera has large daily market demand, so the sales of the injera processing business will be very large, so as well as the profits.

commercial injera making machine
commercial injera making machine

How to start an injera processing plant in Ethiopia?

It is a good investment idea to start a small and medium-sized injera processing plant in Ethiopia and other East African countries. This is because the investment costs and risks of small injera business are lower, and profits are higher.

Starting an injera processing business usually requires a preliminary market survey, such as local market demand, whether to hire workers, how to buy injera processing equipment, and how to sell the manufactured injera.

The most important link is the purchase of commercial Ethiopian injera. Before purchasing this equipment, you must carefully choose a trusted injera maker machine manufacturer. Generally, this equipment is currently rarely available in East African countries, and most of them need to be imported from some Asian countries, such as China.

Ethiopian injera dishes
Ethiopian injera dishes

What is the process of making Ethiopia flatbread with the injera maker?

The method of using an injera maker machine to make injera is very simple, and the production process does not require too many workers to participate. We only need to add the fermented flour paste to the grouting barrel of the machine.

The dough in the grouting bucket will be injected quantitatively into the baking tray of the machine for baking. The temperature during baking can be set and adjusted, which is very convenient.

After injera baking is completed, it will automatically fall on the conveyor belt of the machine for transportation and will be quickly cooled by a cooling fan during the book transportation process. After cooling, the injera will be automatically sorted together by the sorting device, and workers only need to pack and sell the finished injera.

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