Can I Eat the Food Exposed to the UV Light Disinfection Machine?

Uv food sterilizer for sale
UV food sterilizer for sale

Modern food production enterprises usually use ultraviolet radiation to sterilize processed food during production and processing. The method of using ultraviolet radiation is characterized by high efficiency and low cost. The use of UV light disinfection machine in the food processing industry has been a common way of sterilization and is more and more popular.

However, people’s understanding of UV is still insufficient. People often worry about the residues of ultraviolet radiation on the surface of food that has been sterilized by ultraviolet radiation. They are also worried that the ultraviolet radiation will cause the deterioration of the nature of the food itself. And is the fact really what people are worried about? Can food sterilized by ultraviolet radiation affect human health? Can ultraviolet radiation remain on food surfaces? Can food irradiated by ultraviolet light be eaten?

Uv light disinfection machine
UV light disinfection machine

Why choose UV light disinfection machine?

In fact, ultraviolet radiation is defined as electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 10 nm and 400 nm. When ultraviolet light is absorbed by bacteria or viruses, it will destroy DNA, thus depriving them of the ability to proliferate. As far as the germicidal effect is concerned, it is the same as heating or chemical treatment. However, if UV sterilization is not heated, it will not destroy the nutrients and natural flavor of food. The DNA molecules destroyed by ultraviolet rays will be decomposed when they enter the human body, so they will not produce harmful substances.

Therefore, the food treated with the food sterilisation equipment is not only safe, but also can effectively prevent mildew and sterilize, so that everyone can eat at ease. We can use UV light disinfection in food industry with confidence.


The UV food sterilizer machine of Taizy Food Machinery has a number of patented technologies. Since its establishment, it has provided uv light disinfection machine for many food factories and enterprises, and has won praise in the food processing industry. Taizy UV products are high-quality and efficient, providing customers with one-stop services in the whole ecological chain such as product customization design and equipment supply from the source, which is an ideal choice for food processing and sterilization.

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