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Waffle Egg Roll Maker Machine | Ice Cream Waffle Cones & Biscuit Rolls Making Machine

egg roll machine
egg roll machine

The automatic waffle egg roll maker machine is a kind of efficient flour food processing machine, which is mainly used to make crispy egg rolls, waffle ice cream cones, waffle biscuit rolls, and so on. The commercial egg roll maker is the useful kitchen equipment that replaces the hand-made egg rolls or ice cream cones with electromechanical integration. The main working flow of the electric waffle egg roll machine includes grouting → baking → forming, which is extremely efficient. The final crisp egg rolls can be packaged and sold directly or can be further processed for ice cream cones. Besides, for large scale production of crispy biscuit rolls, the waffle egg rolls production line will be a good choice.

crispy egg rolls made by egg roll maker machine
crispy egg rolls made by egg roll maker machine

Automatic waffle egg rolls maker machine description

The waffle egg roll machine has high-quality electrical components and mechanical transmission components, stable performance, and a low failure rate. This multi-functional waffle biscuit rolls making machine has a very compact and beautiful structure, which is mainly composed of the pastry mixing bucket, cycloid needle motor, heating boxes(its number can be customized), the turntable, the center intelligent temperature controller, pressure spring, the PLC system, and the quantitative extrusion device. And the PLC system mainly includes the running switch, filling switch, heating switch, and speed control buttons.

Iraq ice cream waffle basket machine for shipping
Iraq ice cream waffle rolls maker machine for shipping

The automatic egg roll machine is the selling hot item of the current food consumption market with good quality and price, which is the most ideal food processing product for making delicious egg rolls, spring rolls, omelets, wafers, and ice cream cones. The final egg rolls or the waffle cones with the features of even and bright color, crisp and yummy are welcomed among all ages as a good breakfast or snacks.

How does the commercial egg roll maker machine work?

  1. Flour pulp mixing. Before using this ice cream waffle cone maker, we should prepare the pastry first. We can use the automatic pulping machine for making the paste in a large quantity, which can well mix the flour, water, and eggs according to a certain ratio. Then, we pour the well-mixed paste into the paste bucket for making egg rolls. Or we can also just put the raw materials into the paste bucket for mixing.
  2. Egg rolls baking. The stick pastry will be ejected quantitatively into each of the heating boxes by the quantitative extrusion device. When the paste is ejected on the lower heating plate of the baking boxes, the upper heating plate will fall automatically and press the paste into a pancake shape. The center intelligent temperature controller will heat each of the baking boxes for forming egg rolls quickly. And after about one cycle of rotating with the heating turntable, the egg rolls will be made. Then the upper heating plate will be opened by a guide rail device automatically, and we can pick the baked egg rolls or wafers manually.
    waffle biscuit egg rolls
    waffle biscuit egg rolls
  3. Waffle cones forming. The egg rolls are relatively soft right after they are made, and the temperature is about 50°C. Workers can put on gloves and take off the egg roll sheets from the baking tray and manually roll them into a tube. Or use an automatic forming machine to quickly roll into a cylindrical egg roll. If customers want to make ice cream cones, they can use a cone forming machine to roll the cone into a cone-shaped ice cream cone.

Operation notes of the electric biscuit rolls making machine

  1. Before using this egg roller machine, we should enable that the installation of each part of this machine is in good condition. Then turn on the main switch, and the power indicator will be lightened.
  2. Insert the injection voltage plug and trachea, and open the sir pump to make sure this machine work normally.
  3. Adjust the quantitative extrusion device to incline upward about 5 degrees and place it in the middle of the heating box.
  4. Open the start button, then turn the heating boxes of the turntable, then turn on the heating switch. At this time, the intelligent temperature controller displays the temperature, which can be preset as the required temperature (according to the size and thickness of the egg rolls)
  5. When the heating temperature is the same as the preset temperature, turn on the filling switch and the quantitative extrusion device will eject the paste into each of the rotating heating boxes.
  6. The motor of this machine is three-phase and four-wire, and it is strictly prohibited to reverse rotation of the motor.

Biscuit egg roll maker machine features

  1. The egg roll machine has good safety performance, high output, and high efficiency. The operation of this machine can be done automatically. The egg rolling machine’s baking boxes have a unique non-stick structure, which does not need to be smeared during work, and the final egg rolls have a good forming effect.
  2. The machine can automatically adjust the discharging quantity of the pastry, and the adjustment is simple. Buy using different pastry mixing recipes, we can make the waffle cones or egg rolls with different flavors, such as chocolate and so on. The eggs roll heating temperature can be adjusted, and the temperature control is accurate.
    waffle egg rolls production testing in factory
    waffle egg rolls production testing in the factory
  3. The number of the heating boxes can be customized for egg roll making, the common type is 8 boxes, 10 boxes, and 12 boxes. And different biscuit rolls patterns are also available in our company. So that we can not only offer you the stainless waffle roll making machine but also can meet your needs of various snack production for commercial purposes. Besides, we can also support you with the automatic food packaging machine for egg roll packing.
  4. The upper and lower heating plates of the machine are made of thick aluminum alloy plates and can withstand high temperatures. Moreover, the aluminum alloy plate has better heat conduction, which not only makes the processed egg roll uniform in color but also saves energy and electricity.
    waffle egg rolls with different shapes
    waffle egg rolls with different shapes
  5. This industrial wafers machine is the new-designed food processing equipment and it is wholesale now with features of best production effect and easy operation. As the professional food machines maker and supplier, our Taizy Food Machinery Co., Ltd has shipped our products to more than 60 countries within 10 years.

Crispy egg roll production line for making waffle cones and biscuit rolls

The crispy egg roll production line mainly includes a dough mixer, grouting bucket, egg roll making machine, egg roll forming machine. This production line is very suitable for small and medium-sized food processors for large-scale production of crispy cones and ice cream cones.

The flour mixer can mix flour, water, eggs, sugar, edible oil, and other vegetable juices and fruit juices in a certain proportion. The grouting barrel can inject the dough into each baking tray quantitatively. The amount of grouting can be adjusted. The larger the amount of grouting, the larger the diameter of the egg rolls made.

egg rolls with various flavors and colors
egg rolls with various flavors and colors

The baking temperature of the egg roll making machine can be set and adjusted between 0℃ and 180℃. Before using the egg roll machine, preheat the machine to the set temperature in advance, which takes about half an hour. When the temperature of the baking tray reaches the set value, the egg roll machine will keep working at a constant temperature.

Technical parameters of the egg roll making machine

Model Dimension Voltage Weight Power Output
TZ-8 1500*1500*1200mm 380V 50HZ 420KG 18KW 15KG/H
TZ-10 1650*1650*1200mm 380V 50HZ 470KG 22KW 18KG/H
TZ-12 1800*1800*1200mm 380V 50HZ 520KG 27KW 20KG/H

Egg roll machine working video

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