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dough sheeter machine for sale

The dough sheeter machine is mainly used for making all kinds of bread, cakes, biscuits, and all kinds of puff pastry. It is very convenient to make all kinds of biscuits and dough. At the same time, the dough roller machine has the dual functions of rolling and stretching. The food processed by this machine has a better baking effect, and the baked products have good color, flavor, and taste.

Functions of the dough roller machine

  1. our pastry machine can make all kinds of puff pastry, pastry cake, thousand layers, etc. It can also be used to roll dough.
  2. oil-immersed design, low noise, not easy to wear, long service life.
  3. components are made of high-grade steel. After special treatment, the pressure roller has the characteristics of a nonstick surface and is not easy to scratch.
  4. the pressing wheel and scraper are professionally designed. The thinnest surface can be pressed to 1mm, and the thickness is uniform.
  5. the dough sheeter machine is a folding structure. This saves a lot of space and is easy to handle.
table top dough sheeter
table top dough sheeter

Machine parameters

ModelVoltage(v)Power(kw)Conveyor(mm)Nip Roller Spacing(mm)Rolling Amount(kg)Dimensions(mm)Weight(kg)

The above are the specific parameters of our pasta sheeter. The voltage and the Nip Roller Spacing are the same, but the difference is the size of the conveyor, the roller amount, the dimension, and the weight. For consumers, the most concern is the rolling amount. The rolling amount of our dough roller machine is 4kg, 5kg, 6.5kg, 4kg, and 5kg respectively. If you have anything else you want to know, please feel free to contact us.

pastry roller machine
pastry roller machine

How to use the dough sheeter machine?

  1. connect the power supply and turn on the switch.
  2. move the direction operating lever, and then the belt starts to run
  3. after the dough is rolled, turn the direction operating lever to stop the belt.
  4. adjust the scale adjusting arm. The purpose is to control the roll spacing. At the same time, move the direction control lever, and the dough will be rolled again.
  5. during rolling, you can sprinkle powder as required. When the pressed dough is irregular, fold the dough, and then adjust the direction to roll again.
  6. repeat until the dough is pressed to the desired thickness.
machine in factory
machine in factory

Where to buy a dough sheeter machine?

To be honest, you can buy a tabletop dough sheeter in many places. This kind of machine is different from mobile phones, computers, and other electronic products. Its brand is not strong. If you want to buy a reliable cookie dough sheeter, you need to know the qualification of the manufacturer, the time of establishment, and the material of the machine. Generally speaking, machines made in more industrialized countries are more reliable. It is obvious that machines made in more developed countries are more expensive. Because of material costs, workers’ salaries, and other reasons.
As a company with 11 years of experience in machinery production, Taizy food machinery has rich experience in export and product manufacturing. We have all kinds of dough sheeters for sale. And the price has great advantages. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us

machine inventory
machine inventory

Machine maintenance

  1. you need to test-run the dough sheeter machine before using it. After confirming that the equipment is normal, start the formal work.
  2. the rolled dough shall not be too hard. Otherwise, it will affect the working stability and service life of the equipment. You need to use a dough mixer to mix the dough to the proper hardness.
  3. when the dough thickness is more than 10mm, it can be thinned by about 5mm each time. When it is within 5~10mm, it decreases by about 2mm each time; when it is within 5mm, it decreases by about 1mm each time
  4. the conveying platform should not bear heavy objects;
  5. after the machine has been running for 40 hours, please re-tension the belt and chain to the proper position. To avoid transmission slipping and chain breaking.
  6. after the machine runs for 80 hours, please add oil to the sprocket, chain, and other transmission parts. Retighten the screw, nut, and other fasteners to avoid damaging the machine parts.
  7. after eating, wipe the dough sheeter machine with a cloth, and pay attention not to wash it with a water pipe.
  8. in case of abnormal sound response, stop the machine immediately and ask the maintenance personnel for maintenance.