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The Definitive Guide to Yogurt Selection in 2020

Fruit-based yogurt made by complete yogurt making machines
Fruit-based yogurt made by complete yogurt making machines

This is a detailed and new guide for introducing the practical yogurt selection methods in 2020. After reading this post, you may found that it is so easy for choosing a good yogurt products in the supermarket with our guidance under the deep analysis of different kinds of current yogurt products as well as the yogurt processing equipment features.

Do you have this doubt? In the face of a variety of yogurt products in the supermarket, low-fat yogurt, sugar-free yogurt, Greek yogurt, Japanese-style yogurt, how to choose?

Here we will share with you the latest 2020 yogurt selection guide we just concluded with much user experience and professional yogurt processing crafts.

frozen greek yogurt made by yogurt machine
frozen greek yogurt made by yogurt machine

Yogurt choosing guide in 2020 with the yogurt machine manufacturer suggest

  1. See the ingredients list

The shorter the ingredient list of the yogurt product, the better, as this indicates that the yogurt is of high purity and does not have too many additive ingredients.

The real good yogurt dares to resist any additives. If you see ingredients such as diacetyltartaric acid mono-diglyceride, please choose carefully, because this is a harmful additive to the human body.

  1. Look at the nutrition facts table

For most yogurt products, it’s not just calories, but various carbohydrates and fats are also hard indicators. Of course, the lower these indicators, the better of these yogurt products.

  1. Refusal of reconstituted milk

Reconstituted milk refers to milk as a raw material for yogurt. This type of yogurt is made from milk powder for “recovery”. During the recovery process, the nutritional content of milk itself will be greatly lost, so the yogurt made from recovered milk is not of high nutritional value. This type of yogurt is not recommended.

  1. Room temperature yogurt is not active

Most yoghurt products in stores choose to store them at low temperature, because this keeps the beneficial bacteria activity in yoghurt. The yoghurt stored at normal temperature is obviously inactive, so this kind of yoghurt has no function to assist gastrointestinal digestion.

small-scale yogurt production line
small-scale yogurt production line

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