Performance Characteristics of Dry Vegetables Machine

dried vegetables

The dry vegetables machine consists of drying mesh belt, heat exchanger, exhaust fan, and other main components. When the vegetable dryer works, the cold air is heated by a heat exchanger. Then a scientific and reasonable circulation method is adopted to make the hot air pass through the dry materials for uniform heat and mass exchange. The hot air flow in each unit of the vegetable dryer body circulates hot air under the action of the circulating fan. Then, the low temperature and high humidity air are discharged to stably complete the whole drying process.

dry vegetables machine
dry vegetables machine

What are the advantages of dry vegetables machine?

  1. The advanced hot air circulation system makes the temperature distribution in the workshop even.
  2. A low-noise fan system creates a quiet working environment.
  3. The air inlet and exhaust device can adjust the air exchange rate of the working room.
  4. The intelligent temperature control instrument is sensitive and reliable in temperature control.
  5. The recorder records the temperature curve of the whole working process.
  6. The unique pressure relief valve design can reduce accident losses.
  7. The forced exhaust of the overhead fan can accelerate exhaust emission.


The use of dry vegetables machine not only saves a lot of energy but also greatly improves the working efficiency. Heat pump drying process is a technically feasible, economical and reasonable energy-saving project in vegetable dehydration production. In addition, Taizy vegetable machinery and vegetable air dryer are used to dry the moisture on the surface of vegetables. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.