Electric Almond Shelling Machine

Almond sheller machine
almond sheller machine

This almond shelling machine is practical nuts processing equipment in many fields. The automatic almond shelling machine can be applied to remove the shells of peanut, walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, and other nuts. This shelling machine can not only be designed for nuts peeling but also can realize the nuts sieving function for different specifications.

Automatic almond peeling machine
Automatic Almond Peeling Machine

What is the almond shelling machine?

The electric almond peeling machine mainly can crush the almond or hazelnut first, then remove the shells through its screen vibration and then discharge the clean nut kernels and shells from different outlets. This machine is mainly used to strip hard nuts of various specifications. It is the ideal nuclear processing equipment by the hoist feeding, the first, second and third level automatic screening of the broken shell, the composition of the discharge screen and the vibrating screen at all levels, with reasonable design and low breaking rate. Multi-level shelling can also be designed according to customer’s specific requirements.

Peeled almond
Peeled Almond

How to peel the almond by the almond peeler?

Almonds are fed into the hopper manually or by the conveyor of the sheller machine. The almonds are first rolled into the drum of the machine, and the almond shell and the kernel are peeled off due to the force between the rotation of the pattern and the concave plate of the shed. The peeled kernel and the shell are simultaneously dropped through the front concave plate hole. The broken almonds will fall on the vibrating plate with a mesh (a total of three levels). As the three-stage vibrating plate continues to vibrate, the almond kernels will fall through the mesh holes into the material collection device. The larger almond shell will continue to drain from the discharge port.

Almond sheller
Almond Sheller

This almond peeling machine is single-stage shelling equipment. After the apricot kernel is poured into the machine and the shell is broken, there are some unbroken almonds. After screening, adjust the gap of the shell breaker and then break the shell once. The machine can also be customized as a three-level almond shelling, and the almonds can be divided into three grades in different sizes to complete the shelling. Because this almond shelling machine is specially designed, the almond peeling and sorting effect is good, shelling efficiency is high, and the breakage rate of nuts is low.

Almond shelling machine details

Working capacity:  400KG/H      Motor power: 2.2KW

Overall weight: 220KG                Overall dimension: 200*110*45CM

Almond sheller machine in stock
Almond Sheller Machine In Stock

Precautions for use of almond peeler machine

  1. Before using the sheller, connect the 380v three-phase power supply, then start the motor to see if the running direction is the same as the direction of the machine indicator arrow. If it is different, you should adjust any two connectors in the power supply to achieve the same direction as the indicator arrow.
  2. The things that need to be peeled can not be too dry, the water content should be maintained at about 9%, otherwise, the breakage rate of nuts will increase. In this case, the material to be husked can be wetted with water first, and then waited for a period of time (4 hours in winter, 2 hours in spring, etc.) to be put into production.
  3. Before adding materials for production, separate materials of different varieties and sizes, and then install screens of appropriate specifications on the machine, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the crushing rate.
  4. After the trial run of the machine, if all parts of the machine are running normally and there is no abnormal sound, it can be produced normally.
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