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grain mill
grain mill

The grain milling machine is mainly to grind the raw materials into the fine powder. The grain mill is operated by two grinding discs with a toothed groove to grind the material into powder. This maize grinder machine can grind various kinds of grains, Chinese herbal medicines, seasoning materials, and other materials into a uniform powder of about 50-200 mesh. This wheat grinding machine is the small type flour making machine that can grind all kinds of grains like corn, soybean, mung bean, wheat, dry sweet potato, dried chili, and the Chinese herbal medicines.

Grain mill brief description

grain milling machine
grain milling machine

Multi-functional corn grinder (stainless steel flour mill) is suitable for crushing materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. It can be applied to the grinding of various grains, but it is prohibited to crush flammable and explosive items.

In addition, this chili grinder machine is not suitable for crushing high-oil and sticky materials such as sesame, walnut, melon seeds, rapeseed and so on. Because high oil content and viscous materials can easily clog the screen of the machine, it is not easy to clean and affect the use of the machine.

grain mill structure
grain mill structure

Grain milling machine working principle

The flour grinder utilizes the relative movement between the movable toothed disc and the fixed toothed disc at high speed to make the raw material achieve the purpose of crushing the material through the combined action of gear impact, shearing and friction and collision of materials with each other.

The electric grain mill is mainly composed of a frame, a fixed toothed disc, a movable toothed disc, a screen, a feed port, a discharge port and a motor, which is very reasonable and compact in structure. The pulverized material is discharged directly from the pulverization chamber. And the pulverization particle size of the grains can be adjusted by using screens with different pore sizes.

all kinds of grain
all kinds of grain

Grain grinder operation and maintenance

  1. Before using the machine, check that the door is closed. When closing the door, tighten the handwheel and the positioning bolt.
  2. Connect the water cooling device to ensure sufficient water supply, and it is strictly forbidden to breakwater during operation.
  3. After the machine is installed, turn on the power and check whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the motor label. If it is the opposite, adjust the wiring of the motor junction box.
  4. When the motor rotates in the correct direction, turn the machine on and let the machine idle for 30 minutes. If there is no abnormality, it can be used normally.
  5. Check the lubrication of the machine and add grease in time. Regularly check and replenish grease.
  6. Run for a few minutes before feeding, then slowly and evenly. Do not fill the hopper and pay attention to the current overload to prevent damage to the equipment.
  7. If there are any serious vibration and noise in the operation of the machine, it should be shut down and checked in time.
  8. Always keep the parts of the machine lubricated and clean. If defects or defects are found, repair or replace parts in time.

Grain mill use precautions

1. Grinding dry grains and various materials:

condiments milling
condiments milling

Under normal circumstances, the material needs to be ground twice. The first rough grinding, the second fine grinding. When the first coarse grinding, the baffle of the machine’s discharge port should open 3/2. When the material thickness is adjusted, the machine can be adjusted to silent when there is a click (that is, the distance between the two grinding pieces is kept in a state that is about to be hit but not actually touched). When the fine grinding, the lower baffle is opened 3/1, and the thickness is adjusted to the squeak and then finely adjusted to a half-circle or a circle.

2. Dry grain and oil-filled materials mixed grinding:

Under normal circumstances, it needs to be ground twice, and the first coarse grinding is performed for the second time. There are two methods.

First: coarsely grind the dry grains first, then mix the oily materials in proportion with the dry powder coarse grinding powder. When the rough grinding is performed, the material discharge port is released 3/2, and the thickness is adjusted to the sound when it is adjusted to the sound. When the fine grinding is performed, the material discharge port is released 3/1, and the thickness is adjusted to the humming sound and then fine-tuned a little.

dry herbal for grinding
dry herbal for grinding

Second: Put the dry grains into the hopper first, then put the oily material into the hopper. If it is sesame, do not need to stir, directly start the mixture into the crushing chamber for crushing; if it is walnut, use the spoon to stir, make the mixture as uniform as possible, to ensure that the ground material will not oil and stick machine.

Main features of the grain mill

  1. The structure of the machine is simple, sturdy, stable, and the pulverized material is fast and uniform, and the effect is good.
  2. This machine is made of stainless steel. The inside of the casing (crushing groove) and all the tooth grooves are precision machined to achieve a smooth surface and easy to clean, which changes the rough inner wall of the ordinary crusher, easy to accumulate powder, and difficult to clean.
  3. This grain grinder has different models so that can meet different requirements of the working capacities.

Technical parameters of the grain milling machine

production capacitykg/h20-5060-150100-300160-800250-1200500-1500800-2000
Feeding sizemm662-102-122-152-152-15
Crushing finenessmesh10-12010-12010-12010-12010-12010-12010-120
Spindle speedr/min4500450038003400320032003200
Motor powerkw2.245.511152237
Overall dimensionmm450*550*900550*600*1250630*700*1400800*900*1550850*850*16001000*900*16801200*1100*1800

Grain grinding machine working video

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